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  1. I went to a fair about an hour from my house and broke my ankle when I slipped on some old chinese food. I had to stay the night at my cousin's place because I couldn't drive home. A bunch of people were over, drinking. One guy brought a dog and the dog bit someone who kept getting in it's face even though he was warned the dog might bite. The owner of the dog picked it up by the collar and started punching it in the face. I screamed for him to stop. He was confused. The guy who was bitten started yelling at me. Calling me names, telling me to mind my own business, and he wouldn't stop. I told him he would amount to nothing because he's trash and he knows it. I told him he should leave because I can't, so he did. I hid crying under a blanket for the next hour, while everyone around me hung out without a care. He came back later, still kind of mad, saying I was disrespectful, but then I allowed him to join me under the blanket and he told me he'd been crying too. I appreciated that but was still very upset. That was the worst night of my life.


    That guy shot himself a year and a half ago.


    I got $16,500 for that chinese food fall though. So it wasn't all bad!

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  2. 11060260_10204451301182834_2147550515092376797_n.jpg?oh=28cecf250fa9d16f351d649786a4b3ee&oe=561F0C15


    Hmm let's get some shots from a few other angles. P into everything happening with this photo but I've been fooled before (did u kno John Malkovich was just PRETENDING to b mentally challenged???)


    jk welcome I'm the sexually aggressive one

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  3. How crazy was the ex season?


    It was a great season, Jack. First of all a few people slept together immediately. One lady said racist stuff like "fresh off the boat," And this girl Allison was so fucking horrible to her ex. She told him he looked sexy in a shirt that tied in the front like something a girl might wear to a low-key Ren fair, so he started wearing it all the time. She was actually just manipulating him and would talk shit to the cameras about how stupid he looked in it. Yeah. Amazing.

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  4. What if the twist next year is that the second 8 housemates are the dads of the first 8?


    They once had an estranged father and daughter on the show, Dick and Danielle. They also once had two people on who were brother and sister but didn't know it. I believe the story is that they were adopted separately as children. They had an exes season too.

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  5. Can I post on this forum even though I don't have a pet?

    Facts about me:

    I am a girl.

    I don't have any pets.

    I think HH is great. Hayes and Sean are so nice and funny and smart that I went back and listened to the Reality Show Show and now I'm watching the Bachelorette and Big Brother and I'm just wondering -- is there a place for that kind of conversation here as well? Because those shows are, I'm now realizing, pretty good.


    Hi Fleergen,


    I'm really glad you posted here. I have been really struggling to find someone to talk to about reality shows because all of my friends recently stabbed me in the back and I don't want to talk about it but honestly you wouldn't believe what they put me through. I'm watching Big Brother and The Bachelorette too! Did you enjoy the first episode of Big Brother? You know I wouldn't even care if they had just been straightforward with me. You try to build trust and develop a bond and you end up losing everything, but enough about two-faced frenemies... Let's get down to business. To start here is a link to my Tumblr post about the first ep of Big Brother: http://genuinehorror.tumblr.com/post/122525645469/big-brother-season-17-episode-1


    Talk to you later!

    Please don't take my friendship for granted!


    Fleergen + Valerie = BFFS 2015 lol

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  6. Matt Mira was the engineer on Todd Glass and Jimmy Dore's podcast Comedy and Everything Else. He worked at the Apple store at the time. I think he just became successful because he met Chris Hardwick and they hit it off since they both like Ninja Turtles and Battle Toads. But I think they just keep him around because he makes Jonah Ray look good.

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  7. Hey guys after 7 (starting the day after my trip ended) days of having a cold and a fever I now apparently have an inner ear infection. Also when I picked my dog up from the kennel he had a rash. And my grandma is in the hospital for pneumonia and possibly cancer.


    Lesson: never go to Ireland.



    Wait, I should be nice too... sorry about your grandma. And your ear. And for what honlads is gonna do to you after he reads this post.

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  8. Hey guys after 7 (starting the day after my trip ended) days of having a cold and a fever I now apparently have an inner ear infection. Also when I picked my dog up from the kennel he had a rash. And my grandma is in the hospital for pneumonia and possibly cancer.


    Lesson: never go to Ireland.



    Sorry to hear about that rash, man.

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  9. I watched the chat and at 1.5 speed it actually feels like you guys have a nice flow going.


    My thoughts:

    A Bear has a brgrho vibe. His Melissa McCarthy should be the new Bond comment is v brg. A Bear is like the offspring of Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra -- or some non-famous guy with great hair and a disc jockey with a commanding voice.


    Rod Aug looks like my stoner ex. Do not get dreadlocks, Dave, they will not look good on you.


    Just Add Pepper is precious and I like that he has suffered (in the form of being mistaken for a woman in drive-thrus).


    Rachel/popgoestheweiselquist is a regular Chanson what with all her opinions on things I know nothing about. And her Australian accent is tops.


    I cast Souprman appropriately in my horror script because he was definitely the harbinger of doom in the chat. And, buddy, in the next hangout I'm gonna need you to turn on a lamp. Because right now, based on the tint of your video, I'm confident you're gonna die of a drug overdose.


    Houston is one of those metalhead intellectuals.


    Btw Chanson, I have stolen a ton in the past. A TON. And I don't give a fuck, rich boy. *speeds away on my stolen Razor scooter*

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