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  1. Looked at a boat today guys. I'm not really in the market for one, but drove by this one, pulled over, checked it out and realized I really want a boat. Its small, only 18 ft but would be a great bay cruiser. If I do buy it and any of you are on long island I'll take you for a ride.


    Is that how you're justifying the purchase to yourself?

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  2. I had already friended you Valerie. No more information exists to give.


    ACTUALLY, devscoots, during your friending spree I checked to see if you added me and you hadn't. I decided to not take it personally and I added you instead of waiting for your sorry ass to add me. But now that I'm up in the big leagues getting my turn at bat, look at who comes running? Fuck you, Dev.



    And thank-you so much for the compliments, it means a lot to me.

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  3. A Bear, what does your cat look like? Also has your cat been acting normal lately? Not sick or anything? How old is your cat? I'm not saying your cat went off to die, I'm just saying it's a possibility. But your cat might also have just wandered away. I've had lots of cats mysteriously vanish for weeks or months and then come back. I also found two of my cats randomly, one a block from my house, the other a few blocks down. Anastasia is right that they tend to stay close. Do you have a weird call you use with your cat? Like pree kee meow? Prreeee keee meow! Maybe that will lure her in. Drive around calling out for her to remind her she has a home, in case she's nearby.


    All real advice. Good luck finding your kitty.

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  4. Hey, just out of curiosity did any of you newbies have a difficult childhood? I'm the person on the forum who gets to the heart of the matter and I'd really like to find a connection with you guys. I know it's tough to talk about, but sometimes sharing your story of being molested, watching your grandma die right in front of you, or being abandoned at an orphanage can really help me to like you.

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  5. Hmm...It's starting to feel like Sean may not be inviting us to his wedding. Just to show we're not bitter I've made a wedding registry for him consisting of stuff I found just lying around my house if you can believe it. This way we can all get him meaningful gifts even though we're not going to the ceremony (fingers crossed on the reception). So just look through the list and let me know which item you'd like to gift Sean and his bride on their special day.

    • His and hers paper plates
    • Genuine fool's gold
    • Halloween candy
    • Crystal salad plate (well, plastic, but you'd never know by looking at it)
    • Lightly-used Tupperware
    • Heavily-used Tupperware
    • 8 sets of really cute salt and pepper shakers
    • Photo album with descriptions written in but all the photos taken out
    • Blink 182 notebook with black pages so you can write in it with gel pens
    • Tons of stickers from the parent-teacher supply store (apples, penguins, the works)
    • A passive-aggressive letter from my high school boyfriend
    • An old, used Blockbuster Video calendar I saved because I guess I thought I might need it later
    • Pizza stone (jk, I don't have one of those)
    • Painting of a cat that looks like my childhood cat Tootie
    • A picture I drew of my parents having sex

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  6. No more Mrs. Nice Girl.


    For Bruce Reid Robinson II:


    Today I’d like to talk to you about stem cells. Stem cells are all around us. They’re in the air we breathe and the water we drink. But how much stem cells is too much stem cells? In this essay I will talk to you about where stem cells come from, why we need them, and how they can change the future. Shall we begin?

    Stem cells are just like any other cell in your body except they aren’t specialized so you can put them anywhere. Also they come from unborn babies. There is great debate over the ethicality of this practice. Stem cells can be used to help people like Christopher Reeve hopefully in the future.

    We need stem cells because we can’t survive without cells. They are a vital part of our existence and we need them like we need our blood and bones. Actually blood cells are called blood cells or platelets and bone cells are called osteocytes.

    In the future stem cells will be used to help paralyzed people, to cure diseases, to make fake organs in a lab, and to make fake meat for vegetarians. They are very useful and important and may be used to make a clone army, you never know.

    In conclusion, as you can see we need stem cells regardless of where they come from. Are unborn babies even real fetuses anyway? The world may never know. So in conclusion, thank-you for your time, and I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the many uses of stem cells.

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  7. Alex, you're a trendsetter. I heard before you came along people were saying it "That isn't anything but a chicken's wing." What other popular phrases have you coined?


    To Alex's friend: Hey deadbeat, you ever think about getting a real job?


    Option 2:


    Alex, have you ever had a female best friend who you didn't realize you had feelings for until she put on a dress (she's usually a tomboy)?


    To Alex's friend, have you ever committed a hate crime?

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  8. that cat at the top of this page is very cool. like it a lot.


    His name is Chibi and he is just one of many cool cats we have here at the Hollywood Handbook forum. *then I sing a song about it*


    Although that may be his only true accomplishment related to this podcast, people get a lot of enjoyment out of his profile picture, which is MIchelle Tanner from Full House falling into a bush because she can't ride a bike.


    Less than 10 minutes ago I watched the episode of Friends where Phoebe rides a bike and crashes because Ross doesn't hold on to her and she gets mad. So then I explained to my [redacted] that the same thing happened on an episode of Full House and I gave him all the deets. Then I come here and see this! Life is magical!

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