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  1. I just read through a really fun 160+ comment post about vaccinations and I thought I'd share my favorite part with you guys.


    “I'd be interested to hear what the millions of Native Americans that were wiped out by Measles would say about vaccines.”


    “But the native Americans???? Whattt?? As someone with Native American heritage myself I would say that there is probably a really strong opinion to what you posted and its got nothing to do with vaccines. Talk about holocausts... […] If shit really hits the fan, you think measles vaccines are gonna be what people fear? You think they give a crap about measles vaccines in Gaza right now? You think the kid with stage 4 cancer's parents are really concerned that the goddam measles vaccine can't be administered to their dying child? When your child develops heart disease or other obesity related death sentences we are gonna say... 'Well at least you're vaccinated from the measles, that's a relief'? So no, don't think the Natives would have given vaccines a thought. Their vaccine, after a while for most, was to shoot any European they saw dead on sight and sell their scalp for money to feed the half white baby they just delivered after their rape at the invasion that killed everyone she loved months prior.”

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  2. I just discovered I have a mouse or rat living in my house because I opened my snack drawer and found that something had eaten it's way through two packets of parmesan cheese and a white chocolate macadamia nut mini clif bar (not a morsel left!). Guess what hadn't been touched though... the chocolate chip mini clif bars! Tim, did I tell ya WCMN was the superior flavor or what?


    Also I just went to my parents' house to not watch The Challenge while talking about nothing and I found something shocking on my parents' DVR: Private School!!!!! I'm not fucking joking, my dad has Private School recorded! Then he started telling me Private School trivia, like that the woman who did the casting was married to some guy who wrote a book he read and he told me Phoebe Cates sang three of the songs that are in the movie - then he sang one of them! So should I invite my dad to the next hangout?

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  3. Looking for the Totally Laime message board if someone could point me in the right direction.


    Just kidding, I was having a loff.


    Excellent post that was ignored because this shit-for-brains posted it as the last comment on a page. Sheesh.


    I'm determined to do the next hangout. I feel like everyone here is bros now and knows what each other's voices sound like and here I am just reading dumb ol' words like a caveman.


    Jahoo, I can't wait.


    He took my hand, tickled my palm with his middle finger, swung our hands side to side, then did the fresh prince/jazzy Jeff slap, snap and pshhh.


    This is my favorite thing you've ever said and this is coming from someone who loves everything you say.


    Guys! I saw Corey Feldman at starbucks today. He looked like the vampire version of himself from Bordello of Blood, but thinner and wearing more Chris Angel attire.


    Are you sure it wasn't Skrillex?


    Hey guys, I just remembered something Sean said when we were hanging out like old friends. When we all collectively decided to take a photo together (I think it was Sean's idea??), he leaned down to set his water on the ground and I told him it looked like he was going to sit down for the photo. He said that recently he stuck up on some people taking a photo and posed in front of them to be a silly goose, but no one thought it was funny. Sean is adorable! Not as adorable as Tim (thanks for pointing that out, Bozos), but adorbz nonetheless.

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  4. That's a great stance, Veebs. Great stance. I'm going to stand like that for the rest of my life.


    I stood like that 'cause I was nervous, but we were waiting for my [redacted] to take the photo for so long that it ended up looking like my natural way of standing.


    Guys!!!!!! We met Sean!!!!! He told us a lot of insider secrets and made us feel special and he called me "Veebs"!!!!! And he fessed up to avoiding my message to him about the google hangout because he thought it would be weird. That only made me like him more. Hoooh doggie was it a lovely experience.


    And, Treese and Anastasia, remember stargoth? towel mummy? the planetarium salad bar? the towel time machine?! oh man, if only you other forumers had been there you'd be laughing along with us right now. Shitty Jobs was soooo funny. Sean was flawless.

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  5. ahhh my leeeegs!



    weirdly that monster truck clip is going around my facebook feed this morning, how serendipitous. And does anyone else think the interviewer sounded exactly like the interviewer from the hentai clip from many moons ago? I wonder if it's the same horrible guy who interviews sad people for youtube views


    It HAS to be the same guy. He sure knows how to pick 'em.


    omg i'm excited too! i shipped adam+bethany SO HARD last season. so hard. if i were super unhappy in my life i'd be like FUCK YOU GUYS STOP but things are pretty chill right now irl so i could handle their overwhelming love and respect for each other without getting pissed or bitter or eye-rolly. they constantly called each other "honeybun" in a sickly sweet upticky voice and i was like "YES PLEASE DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN SAY HUNAH BAHN AGAIN" every time i heard it, which was a lot. then on like the last ep adam's voiceover was all about how they did this whole challenge to glorify the lord jesus and how he was the reason they were doing the race and i almost had to quit loving them but i stuck it out and still check their instagram feeds p. frequently! <3


    also haven't listened to this week's ep yet-- saving for my commute to work tonight! love it when they have female guests so i'm excited!


    They were great on the show. It's rare to find a couple on Amazing Race that isn't fighting constantly. I was actually rooting for the wrestlers though because I don't know. Remember when the cowboys said they were doing the race for jesus? Why do our fave teams have to wait until the last episode to come out with that info?

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  7. Oh god, you guys, I watched it too. It made me so angry. But, hey, that song from Bio Dome is in it so it wasn't all bad!


    I also listened to the podcast episode and I agree that Veebs was wrong when she said that this guest didn't look that cool based on the photos she saw of her when doing a google image search of her name. She was a good guest and I think the show works really well when the guest is along for the ride rather than trying to operate the ride, knowwhatimean. PS I love you Sean and Hayes and I'm gonna take note of the fanmail address so I hope it's real.

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  8. "If you're looking for gratuitous T&A, this is one of the best of all time. Betsy Russell in this movie might quite possibly be the most stunning performance by any actress ever. Her bareback horseriding scene, the seduction scene, and the stained clothes so I better take them off and let them soak scene are all nothing short of awe inspiring. Add that to a bunch or other bombshell schoolgirls walking around naked (the shower scene is just... wow), plus the fact you've got Phoebe Cates staring and I don't know what more you could ask for in this type of movie. Plotwise it's also pretty amusing with many laugh out load moments (although it's hard to stay focused on that with what you're looking at)."


    Should we watch Private School for our next hangout? It really sounds like straight-up jerk-off material and nothing else. Although, after reading this review of Betsy Russell's body, I kinda gotta see them taddies.

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    9pm GMT would be 4pm EST and 1pm EST. That would be quite doable on a Saturday or Sunday. What do you guys think? Shall I start a new doodle poll with the next few saturdays and sundays on it?


    Also, I would love to watch adventures in babysitting and discuss it at our next hangout.


    Aaaaand, I think it's a great idea to have two hangouts and record them both. We could also have an after hours non-recorded safe space like last time. OR, we could use Microsoft Lync instead of google hangout because it has no limit to the number of people who can attend (or if it does, it is super high). It can also be recorded, but doesn't go straight to youtube.


    What do you guys think?


    Yeah, Doodle Poll all the way. But we may also want to get together on Tuesday again because I have a feeling the weekend won't work for a lot of people. During the day on the weekend typically won't work for me, unfortunately.


    Okay, good, so we will all watch Adventures in Babysitting (or, at the very least, you and I will watch it).


    I don't know what I think about two Hangouts vs one big Lync sesh. I think I prefer the division because I fear some people won't feel comfortable talking when there are too many others there, but I don't know. One Lync of 15+ puts less pressure on us individually.

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  10. A couple things about upcoming Google Hangouts:


    Should we all agree to watch a specific movie or something before talking next? Burdrulz mentioned Adventures in Babysitting, so that's an option. It's on Netflix instant.


    Should we have more than one hangout going at once so people can jump around and it doesn't get too crowded?


    What time and day would work best for Andrew? I feel like it's unfair of us to make him talk to us at 3am.


    I have email addresses for Bozos, Greggy, Tim Treese, Chanson, Joe McGurl, brgrho, burdrulz, MBOP, Rod Aug, SaladJesseRaphael, Andy Kneis, Honlads, ShowShowBro, TakeHomeJoke, BRRII, Jacob C, and Anastasia. Anyone else want to post their email address now so that we can invite you next time? I encourage everyone who isn't listed here but has or will have access to a microphone and/or webcam to do this.

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    Start at 1:37


    This is about a psychological experiment done on monkeys to see whether they care more about sustenance or love. An orphaned monkey lives in a cage with a wire mother who feeds him and a cloth mother who he can cuddle with and the experimenters see which "mother" he will go to when they frighten him. After that they discuss a monkey who was raised completely alone and how he responds to fear.

  12. I just looked up that AV Club review because it’s hard to imagine someone who knows anything about comedy not enjoying that episode. This review is ridiculous and reads like it was written by a parody of a pretentious 20-something. Below I’ve written my thoughts on the most unfortunate details.


    “So much of last season’s overall shakiness stemmed from the guys abandoning the workplace setting that gives them—and the show—an identity. Ders, Adam, and Blake were conceived as a three-headed monster of slacker anarchy in the heart of the most soulless of corporate environments—a shady telemarketing firm—which colored their crude, juvenile, destructive antics with just enough shades of relatable rebellion to make them sort of endearing.”


    I never saw the guys as champions of anarchy and I certainly haven’t found myself relating to their workplace antics. The Office (UK) does a good job of making us feel the relatable frustration at all of the obnoxious personalities who work at the average job, but TelAmeriCorp has always felt like it existed mostly because it’s the kind of shitty job these guys would have. They’re treated like shit, cartoonishly so at times, yet they hardly notice because they don’t care about real world shit yet (with the exception of Anders, to a degree). I never saw their workplace as the main setting of the show and I don’t miss it when it isn’t there because, basically, the guys and their immaturity are what give the show its identity.


    “…encouraging appearances by Erik Griffin’s Montez and Billy Stevenson’s Bill follow, suggest that the new season will get back to basics as well, which makes the episode that follows such a letdown.”


    Yes, the side characters on the show are wonderful and funny and they’ll still be around. It feels like this guy isn’t the biggest fan of the three stars of the show, but instead would like to have a more evenly spread ensemble cast. There comes a time in a young man’s life when he has to accept that The Beach Boys can’t be featured in every episode of Full House and you just have to learn to accept it.


    “Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm are funny guys […] But their comedy is always verging on the undisciplined and self-indulgent. A scene in tonight’s episode with Adam…pantomiming a series of JFK-style porno reenactments only hints at endless minutes of unused DeVine air-humping.”


    If he were air-humping in an office environment you’d call it “slacker anarchy”.


    “Ders’ gay jokes are supposed to be okay because the Coast Guard guys are jerks (and not gay). But it’s also supposed to be triumphant that Ders puts them in their place and that the college audience (analogous to the Workaholics audience) thinks his gay jokes are hilarious. Then Ders gets his comeuppance when he’s sexually assaulted by the Coast Guard guys with a Big Gulp and a French Bulldog named Officer Petty Tailwags, and he likes it. (The “code red” pun that necessitates the Big Gulp is as clever as it is labored.)”


    This guy totally “gets” the show. Anders makes gay jokes because gay jokes are cool and we, as the audience, think they’re funny. I got the feeling the “Code Red” joke was labored too. Or wait, does he think it’s not clever and also not labored? I don’t get this reviewer, maybe if he air-humped Erik Griffin while giving the finger to a gay guy I could understand him a little better.

    He also didn’t even mention the crime solving sequence with the mirror masturbation brilliance. Sorry, dude, but we’re just gonna have to agree to misagree on this one.

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