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    SNL Blog

    @Ian sweet, I'm itching to do stuff for free. my email is dantond16 @ gmail .com so just hit me up on there
  2. dantondrobot

    SNL Blog

    if you would like a graphic designer, i would be on board. Info in the other thread on here.
  3. dantondrobot

    Episode 42 — 12.5 Cups of Summah

    Old people be talking about dubstep. although Todd did a spot on impression of it.
  4. dantondrobot

    Piranha 3DD

    This could be the first episode that answers How Did This Get Made?
  5. dantondrobot

    need graphic design work?

    hello, Hope this isn't spam but i just want to put myself out there for any Earwolf fans (like myself) who need graphic design work done for any project. My art-portfolio can be found here: http://drobotart.tumblr.com/ Depending on the gig, I will work for the experience/exposure (meaning for free!). Please feel free to contact me (through the HIRE! page on my site). thank you for reading, -danton d.
  6. dantondrobot

    Episode 123 — No Scoop for You

    This makes me want a episode with Amy and Harris. I don't know why, but i think there chemistry on CBB would be hilarious.