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  1. Wow. Amazing group today. Listening now.
  2. NMeck702

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    Grats on 200, Scott. I like how every photo of Mantzoukas on every episode page of everything he's on looks exactly the same. I haven't listened yet, but this is the first episode my girl is listening to. The ability for someone to listen to a podcast and enjoy the same type of humor I like is a crucial requirement for a relationship. As I press play, my relationship is in the hands of Aukerman, Andy Daly, and Jason Mantzoukas. Deep breath. She set me up with "Know any jokes about Sodium?" the other day, so I have hope. The answer is "Na"
  3. NMeck702

    Episode 183 — Return to Suicide House

    Tripped me out with Ralph. My last name is Meckelvaney. Eerily similar, considering I dont know many people with similar names.
  4. NMeck702

    Episode 41 — Magic

    Nathan Burton. At The Flamingo, right?