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    Episode 8 Happening?

    bump bum bump bump it up. Any news on this?
  2. I picked up an improv show on that date and can't make it anymore.....help me earwolf community.
  3. Anyone interested in it for face value, $30? If you are, just shoot me a PM and we'll figure out the details. Thanks AJ
  4. blueboars

    Nothing to see here

    Seriously, why'd you click that.
  5. blueboars

    Episode 5 — Analyze Phish Episode 3

    "ScottAukerman Scott Aukerman Jan 30 RT @jluduluth: @ScottAukerman when is analyze phish episode 4 out? So January 30th it is.
  6. blueboars

    "Worst Phish NYE Run in 8 years" - The Internet

    I lurk PT from time to time but I got negative reviews from a few friends who went ( all of them falling somewhere between 5 and 15 shows, including this run, far from jaded) The "8 years" claim was actually taken from the Umphreys fan Site (www.thebort.com) . More importantly I foresee the next episode featuring Harris possibly arguing this point to death. Hopefully the incredibly fun environment made up for the mediocre musical performance.
  7. blueboars

    Can Harris Wittels become a Co-Host.

    ^it would be nice to hear more Harris, but doesn't he have an actual job?
  8. blueboars

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Phish fan here and I thought Harris started off strong, but as it went on it's pretty clear this format has pretty much run it's course. Small 2-3 minute snippets of 20 minute songs is useless and skipping around randomly is even worse. i would suggest Harris has specific times to skip to in each song so we can hear one verse, one chorus and then the jam part of the song so we have a more complete understanding of what the song is before/while Scott shits on it. I am excited to hear the all Jam episode (and of course the at-a-show ep!) it might actually do the band justice!. I mean Harris, you had him with chalk dust torture, and then you cut it off right before the actual solo! You can't judge a jam band solely on the music leading up to a jam, it takes away from the whole experience. Looking forward to the next installment! May I suggest starting off with a particularly good Chalk Dust to start the jam episode.
  9. blueboars

    Drug Tips for Scott

    This really depends on what we want to hear on the "at the show" podcast. If I had no regard for Scotts' dignity i would suggest large amounts of either Mushrooms or LSD just to hear the incoherent madness that would ensue if a first time tripper was put into a concert situation. If I wanted to guarantee Scott enjoys the show (as well as how awesome his shirt feels on his skin) I would suggest a VERY VERY small about of X, though i think that would be cheating. All in all I think mixing pot n alcohol is the way to go, I would suggest what most smokers would consider a medium amount of THC intake and as much alcohol as he wants/will enjoy, I'm sure Scott knows his own limits on booze.