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  1. DocSportello

    Similar film podcasts?

    The Vidiots Video Store Show is pretty new and pretty good. They discuss two movies every episodes. Usually they pick movies the other guy hasn't seen yet and then they discuss them. Sometimes they disagree bitterly, so if that's the aspect of The Canon you're into... it might be a good pick.
  2. DocSportello

    Episode 79: THE USUAL SUSPECTS

    I think it's a fine movie, but there's nothing for me here that makes it canonworthy. It's interesting that the line-up scene was conceived differently than the guys cracking up, because I think that's by far the best scene of the movie. There's a spark there that the rest of the movie not only lacks but kind of destroys. Does anybody care when Kevin Pollak gets shot? The movie doesn't seem to. It just seems to be moving chess pieces. And that's how it feels throughout the film. The first heist, the attack on Kobayashi. I feel no fun, no tension. Also a more plotbased issue I had. Why go through all the trouble of killing the one guy who knows what you look like and totally reveal yourself in the process? Congratulations, now the police totally know Keyser Soze is real and that he looks like Kevin Spacey. It doesn't really make sense as far as I can tell.