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    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, Why am I, as a heterosexual male, so sexually attracted to Jason Mantzoukas?
  2. jaysn2

    Episode 108 — Jersey Brawls

    Howard there is a documentary on Cropsie, you have to check it out. Turns out it was at least partly real. On Netflix.
  3. jaysn2

    Episode 17 — Good Afternoont

    One thing that drives me crazy, no matter what health care plan is implemented, no one can legally be refused emergency health care. I hate the dying in the street comments. I live in the Midwest, if someone even looks like they may be sick on the street, law enforcement gets a dozen calls on that person. I personally respond to theses calls and trust me, nobody is being refused necessary medical attention with or without "obamacare". If you want to talk about non emergency procedures not being done or people having their credit destroyed because of not being able to pay their medical bills, this is what healthcare plans effect.
  4. jaysn2

    Episode 44.5 — Minisode 44.5

    Greatest horror movie ever. I think you have to do Cherry Falls. Unless there is another Jay Mohr cross dressing movie I don't know about.