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  1. lylachka

    Episode 135 β€” Life After Military

    Did they ever explain why they don't swear? I feel like it dumbs down the podcast. Or NPRs it up.
  2. lylachka

    Episode 111 - Six Inch Witch

    Paul is always on these video ones, what a ham! EIther way, I'm in it for the eye candy.
  3. lylachka

    Episode 134 β€” Regrets

    Hey Gerard--I think it is more about eating unprocessed or unrefined foods. I would agree that we've been cooking food forever, and that seems to be a good way to eliminate harmful bacteria, but I also think that we may have tipped the scales a little too far in the processing direction. Just like with anything in the world, I bet learning about eating raw and incorporating some of the ideas into a balanced diet would be beneficial, however focussing on just eating raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts could lead to certain vitamin deficiencies.
  4. Matt Breaster, a breast pump for hilarious new moms
  5. I like the direction the show is going, it seems like its heading is doing more music/Hollywood interviews spliced with some found footage and such. It kinda reminds me of that old show "This Is Your Life" because of the clips and shit. Anyway, I'm into it. Thanks Jake!
  6. lylachka

    Episode 105 β€” Zombie Lisp

    "AAhhhzzzz..... Aaahhhhhzzzzz..... Aahhzhzzhhzhzzzzz.." "No."
  7. lylachka

    Episode 105 β€” Zombie Lisp

    Can someone just out Besser going "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"
  8. Are we not doing Chart Darts anymore? Or Chart Roulette?
  9. Kyle Kinane is the voice of Comedy Central? Kewl.
  10. I know I'm late to the party and have nothing to say about this specific episode other than I love it and Matt Besser but, did anyone see Besser in Drunk History as told by Rich Fulcher? Holy. Shit.
  11. lylachka

    Episode 120 β€” Live from Portland / Law

    This guest was incredibly annoying. Pompous and obnoxious to a maddening degree.
  12. What's so special about it? Also, no offense to Josh Johnson but I think women were also excited about laser sounds.
  13. lylachka

    Episode 142 β€” Bullshark

    I love that they thought Avicii was like Rusted Root.
  14. Tigilby's AIDS-ridden cat.
  15. lylachka

    Episode 141.5 β€” 08/16/13 TWO CHARTED 80

    LOL @ Ku's Nell joke
  16. Definitely. I would pay to listen to eps like this in the futch.
  17. Besser is such an awesome teacher. I am super jealous of these improvers, it learned so much just in this hour and it definitely convinced me to buy the book. Mission accomplished.
  18. Who was telling the douche at the bar taking photos story? Missed it.
  19. I feel like Jake hardly got a word in edgewise!
  20. lylachka

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    Does this episode skip towards the end?
  21. lylachka

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    This episode gave me an oddly newfound respect for Scott and Ku.
  22. lylachka

    Episode 234 β€” Changing The Bandage

    Hug Niceman