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  1. Fuck man. This really helped me deal with Harris's death. I have been questioning why I've been crying like a little baby comedy nerd all weekend, but Scott's words really put it in perspective. Harris really did seem like he was his geniune self on all his appearances on podcasts, stand-ups, what have you and it made us all feel like we lost a close friend. I couldn't put my finger on why I was feeling so incredibly emotional over this, but I've cried more over the loss of Harris than I have people who I've actually known.


    Harris is a gem. That voicemail from heaven really got me. Thanks to whoever put that foam corner compliation together and thanks to Scott for his words at the beginning, they meant so much to so many of us. Nothing like a good sob-laugh. No longer will I look upon those crying clown paintings with disdain. I still think people who cried over Kurt Cobain's death are nerds.

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  2. I seriously don't understand the mentality behind posting something highly negative on the official forum for this thing we all enjoy. We're all here as big fans, that's why we sought the forums out. What is accomplished by hating on the advertisers and episodes you don't enjoy? Just be like, "eh, this week's ep is not for me" and listen to something else. It's free, it's not something that takes effort to shut off, and no one is forcing you to buy $80 pants. It's a real bummer when the hosts, guests, or engineers come on these forums and have to see posts like that, because its discouraging and the last thing we want is our free comedy to be discouraged.

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  3. A lot of the stuff Paul mentioned wasn't in the book, actually is in the book, so I'm a little confused as to where he read that it wasn't. In the book, a lot of the magical realism is done like other magical realism has been done in the past and doesn't feel as weird or hokey as it seems like the movie comes off. Feels like the movie just really butchered the book. Many magical realism books and movies have done very well in mainstream audiences--Life of Pi, Like Water for Chocolate, for example. Sucks Hollywood had to turd on this one.

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