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  1. Folks, having sex with coworkers is just part of the job description, if you're a porn star that is! From my act, hit the like button if you enjoyed.
  2. Hi, Scuzzman. Please tell me about your winning dunk at the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest 2014. What was going through your mind as you parachuted in?
  3. Savage means so much business that he's got a fuckin suit jacket on to talk to these people. Look at Savage sneaking into this shot to show us how surprised he is. Joe is just getting more and more fabulous. Kass's "13 best losers ever" line bombed so hard with the gang that she might actually go home. Ok Kass is dumb as shit for explaining this stuff in front of everyone. What are you doing Damn. The very moment that the cheese started to weigh Joe down stfu Fishbach Feel good for Savage that he's back in his original home: a beach in Cambodia. That's some great Wigglesworth content. A single nod. Now that's television Savage itchy from what could be an appendectomy scar??? Will this affect his game??? Who's to say Keith has been praticing getting into hammocks. Good for you, man. Spencer talking to Joe like he's stupid. Come on, man Yeah Kass you're right. Reciting a poem is such a classic bro-down move. Kass has said something in the way of "you just unleashed the beast" like 5 times now. Who keeps locking the beast up you fucking idiot Tooooo much Kass. All this is good though because Keith is obviously safe. Immunity necklace looks cool this year. Tactically it might end up being a bad thing that Joe has won this. He was safe anyway. Kass has played so poorly. Wentworth haaates being on this side so, so much. Ciera's playing a dumb game. Who voted for Savage??? Oh, so Wentworth went with (Wentworth wentworth) the numbers, and Ciera threw a vote away?? Good ep.
  4. It's chanson's day but gotta give it up for Andy kneis all the same
  5. There are few people I could listen to riff on their own shit for an hour, without getting sick of them. Sean is one of the funniest people alive imo
  6. oh my god are you baiting me? It's working. I'm about to go OFF. You're dead meat. You're dead meat. Watch your back. I'll remember this.
  7. Next week, as is classic post-hallowe'en forum tradition, everyone gets one post. Better make it a good one. I didn't make this up we've been doing it for years now I'm already testing my post on various internet forums that don't matter, as will you if you have any gumption at all
  8. Yeah that sounds fine to me. Just like to stress right now (I know everyone's thinking it) I am not marrying Ashley to get a green card. That's absurd to me to even think about. I think it's v clear this is about love
  9. Alright, got me. I love you and what you're doing for my Klout score is actually pretty sick when I look at the graphs.
  10. A lot of talk. Hearing aLotta chatter. Honlads this. Honlads that. I won't date Greggy because I want him to adopt me. Chanson of course you're a gobshite but you're the good kind.
  11. Pls don't do that, Ashley. Sounds dangerous, unless you're into stunts and you've taken precautions
  12. Jeff, you once said, "I've skewered whites, blacks, Hispanics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, gays, straights, rednecks, addicts, the elderly, and my wife." Jeff does your wife know that you skewered all those other people?
  13. On a scale of Pauly Shore to 10 how well are you fitting in?
  14. Messed up tbh. I'm 13 years old. I made up the graduation to fit in.
  15. this is actually really messed up and I'm done talking about it
  16. Pretty good. People in Ireland (and probably other places) is the answer though, I guess.
  17. I wasn't even going to justify this with a response but let me just say it was a skateboarding degree.
  18. Hi. I graduated yesterday but more importantly I was with my dad with my degree in my hand and I looked at him and said "you, me and degree" and he said "what?" and I said "you, me and degree" and he said "what?" again. P good imo, thought I'd share.
  19. Sucks for Deitz to go out like that. I hope his kid is okay. Also sucks for him to then watch the show and see his whole tribe conspiring against him while he was swimming and fishing and living the island life. Keith says "be good, buddy" like Deitz is off to Vegas or something. Probst: "Russel Hantz, you're a dad. Imagine hearing that news in the middle of the night, that something's wrong with one of your kids." Russell: "Jeff, while I'm on the island I don't have any kids. I'm here to play the game. Russell Hantz doesn't have a family." (Sorry I just watched Season 20) Switch. My predictions were kinda right! Oh no Abi's on Woo's tribe, she's probably going to be gunning for him because she's stupid af. Ya, I'm madly in love with Wentworth. Lol at Abi just stopping. Keith enjoying Joe oiling up almost as much as the folks at home. Woo vs Joe was an amazing matchup and I wish Woo won. I wish there were some kind of Keith stream that is just footage of him going about his business. Fishbach is paranoid, frenetic, and p much useless. Lol at Spencer. "I'm going to be the one with the craziest reaction to all of this." Take it easy, buddy. What are you trying to prove? Great stuff from Jeremy. Oh no, no, no. Don't vote Woo out. Someone should hide something belonging to Abi so everybody sees her freak out and annoy everyone. The first thing Ciera has done in this entire season is something I hate. I don't want Woo to go out but if he starts getting votes his face is going to be incredible. I love Woo. He can appreciate the blindside and he just loves being a part of it in someway. I'm glad Terry's son is okay. Good ep.