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  1. The digital age, greggy, my friend. The digital age. Seems you can't tell a man with gout to "gout of my clinic before I fucking suplex you" anymore without some butthurt fucker putting it on social media looking for notes on tumblr.
  2. I had to sue buzzfeed when they defamed me in their "1 Doctor Who Lost an Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Subscription Card Inside a Human Body" list. Also how is that a list when no one else has done it??? That site's so bad
  3. Can't listen to this ep, avoiding nip/tuck spoilers, but I'd like to say that was a fuckin righteous video, ADC. I can have a laugh at myself sometimes, and that impression was spot on. Bravo
  4. Elizamuffins, your avatar has similar colours and composition to mine. Keep stopping at your posts when scrolling through to see how many likes I got. COMPLETE bullshit tbh
  5. devspooks. You can have that for free, but I'll send on my PayPal info if you want to make a donation. can't hurt
  6. I watched the ep. Varner should go home for tearing the sleeves off his shirt but not taking off his tie. Okay now Varner has put his arms into the loose, detached sleeves. This guy is asking to go home. Probst CAN'T not mention this at tribal council. Nice try with the filler shots of the moon, Survivor, but we've all seen the bloody moon now and we are not impressed by your shitty white one. Savage: I miss my wife. By the way she's smoking hot I mean fuuuuuuck daddy likey aye aye aye the legs on this top model. Jeremy: I'm not going to tell anyone that I miss my wife and am emotional about it. Jeremy +5 mins: I cried at your story. Savage is going to send Fishbach home because he doesn't have a wife and kids. Now that is a true family man. Wow, Abi is right there. Great TV. "Put yourself on my shoes". They subtitled it like "Yes, you heard right. She said "on"." Probst loves that they're going to lose skin on the wood. I'm glad Probst just broke down what a puzzle is for me. I was so confused. "How poetic!" Stop it. I don't want Spencer to go. Varner: Spencer is the smartest person I've ever met. Shirin is smarter. Tribal council. Elephant in the room is Varner's flip-flopping sleeve game. So awkward. Deitz played this well. Alliance with a crazy person paid off and a threat is gone. Spencer meant every word he said about being all about building relationships instead of strategy, because that is the best strategy. Good ep.
  7. Pretty weirded out that you knew I was punk af
  8. edit uhhh never mind Post was just too rude
  9. It was just a misunderstanding, guys. Your friendship is stronger than this.
  10. My dick is Ryan Lewis from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I'm obviously kidding but it is a DJ.
  11. Soup, if you wanted us to know you had a Silver Jews shirt you could have just told us instead of making up this INSANE story
  12. Many of you on these forums know that my mug usually nods in agreement with all posts here, but sadly the day has come and I have had to make it so that it no longer does so. You've done this, Agata. You've done this.
  13. Why do you think it's called 69?
  14. I like it mainly because of the 69 motif
  15. More like RanRan - 6.9 Dairy Pillows - 6.9 Dixon - 6.9 Danny Boy Wizard - 6.9 Jakal - 6.9 A bear - 6.9 nohorseman - 6.9 Just Add Pepper - 6.9 Valerie Bryant - 6.9 Joe McGurl - 6.9 Houston - 6.9 Jan Jr esq - 6.9 devscoots - 6.9 Spunky Foonerism - 6.9 Andrew - 6.9 JeffreyParties - 6.9 CORPSEFUCKER SHITLORD - 6.9 Chefski - 6.9 chicknsandwich - 6.9 agata - 6.9 robotam - 6.9 mikebonetti - 6.9 greggy - 6.9 elizamuffins - 6.9 Michael Bay of Pigs - 6.9 ronnie hog - 6.9 mwn - 6.9 Anatasia Vigo - 6.9 SteveH - 6.9 touchy seeley - 6.9 DoctorFrog - 6.9 Chanson - 6.9 Norm - 6.9 skizelo - 6.9 Silvrwoman - 6.9 souprman - 6.9 Jack Johnson P.I. - 6.9 Jacob C - 6.9 o o o o o - 6.9 Bernard_Shakey - 6.9 Joe Lerini - 6.9 lmao
  16. Abi is so bad at Survivor. What is she doing. I have never seen someone be so bad at something. I like Keith because he feels like some guy who was just already on the island when everyone arrived. Great episode. This show's good.
  17. I know it's over by now, but I'd just like to extend the right hand of Christian fellowship to Allan McLeod and give him a hearty "What's up?" from myself, honlads.
  18. A lot of racial layers here. Trying to decipher
  19. I can't believe someone who is an Earwolf employee, and whose opinions reflect those of Midroll Media LLC, is neglecting routine eye checks like this.