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  1. The dogs I see most often are labradors, boxers, retrievers, terriers and red setters, I think. Also, different types of sheepdogs. I just said "what is an Irish setter?" in my head because we just call them red setters. But yeah, we call Irish wolfhounds Irish wolfhounds. There were three Irish wolfhounds in the room earlier, and a red setter too. Wolfhounds are badass.
  2. Ya I guess they do. We don't say "take exams". That's probably what you'd say, right? I'm in Ireland though, which isn't actually in the UK. Not sure what they say there. Skizelo? Andrew? There was a cool man with a 3ft long beard caring for all the dogs. They were loving it, too.
  3. The dogs didn't do exams that;s absurd Daggers was a small, incredible lad with short legs, and he was my favourite. Actually I liked them all. They all get A's from me. Hold on. Wow. The dogs did get grades.
  4. At my college, on the day you get your results, they have a room full of dogs that you can go chill with. To help people relax if they're stressing out over bad grades, I think. So I picked up my results (I did fine), and then headed over to hang with the dogs for a while. All in all it was a good time.
  5. I was in a room with 15+ dogs today.
  6. The bit with me in it is my favourite part too, Joe.
  7. honlads

    Episode 330 — Peruvian Pullovers

    "Did you play pranks on set?"
  8. I might be able to join in sometime tonight.
  9. Hi, Jes. I skimmed your twitter bio and read that you "...kinda like a dude." It's Hayes? Isn't it?
  10. Imagine if the Walking Dead ended but Chris Hardwick still did Talking Dead every week. We could record an ep of the Serial Serial Serial.
  11. The A.V. Club don't know what comedy is It's funny to do that on that website. Don't get it, myself.
  12. I only realised just now that i have a tiny, disfigured hand. I got that hangout app so I now have my **** firmly together (3 on the bristol scale). Next Tuesday??
  13. It just made everything you said funnier, and complemented the porch aesthetic.
  14. I have two MVPs. (the two coreys)
  15. Anastasia, did you hold up a kazoo at musical instrument time? If you did, you're mvp. Edit: You just held it up again.
  16. It appears my mic worked for two seconds; you can hear me saying the dust in The Lion King was "the best part". Nice joke. It's actually "sex" in the dust though, I believe. Which is even hotter.
  17. Joe, I thought about having the camera just on a mug when I joined. Should have. I decided to play a character who fiddles with settings for 20 minutes and then gets out.
  18. I want to do this again, but with a mic that works.
  19. My mic was not working, so I got out of there.
  20. Every week I drop down this menu and kiss the names of whoever follows this topic. I respect these names.
  21. Same. Edit: this is what we get for breaking off 6 hundo and getting this forum on the goddamn news.
  22. I know one guy on the forum who'd like this track!!!!!! Me. All this sounds great.