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  1. Those boys have totally ripped our boys off! However, Scott and Scott have been in amazing form for U Talkin' U2 To Me? and I love that podcast.
  2. It actually reminds me of that laugh that Hayes pulled off as Woodie when he was doing some voice acting. I'm surprised they didn't even talk about Hayes' role in The Toy Story during their discussion about the art form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgqIB2QT1ro
  3. I don't really curse or swear that much either, Tim. I think it's a bit fuckin gross actually.
  4. I listened to a couple of episodes of that back when they were in the Earwolf Challenge but I found it confusing because there was so many dudes with similar voices, and the audio quality was distracting too. Guess I'll give it another go.
  5. I had the same experience with a girl in a class of mine. I got all excited when I heard she liked comedy podcasts. Smodcast. "Oh, cool. Yeah I've heard of it. Yeah, I'll give it a listen." It's very, very hard to explain Hollywood Handbook to people like this. I like Harmontown sometimes, and I made a large group of people listen to Rob Schrab tell a story about his butthole one time. It went down well, which I was pleased with.
  6. 3D tickets are expensive but they're worth it because it's almost like the ticket is actually there thanks guys
  7. Was it Martin Scorsese?
  8. It's gone awain. Just kidding.
  9. David Wain, you a jeans man?
  10. Nice story VB, nice story. HOWEVERRR, I'm kind of into the subtext of literature. I can't really help it, that's just who I am. So here you go: I get the feeling that the narrator is maybe subliminally alluding to the possibility that I'm out in the parking lot in my Countach slapping my 'ceps? Is that something?
  11. Sorry, only noticing my typo now. Should read "pair of concrete scabs". I can't lead a normal life anymore, what with all of the babes mobbin' me bahahaaha no it's mostly because of the huge scabs and the pain.
  12. Andy, here's a workout tip, for free. Every morning, first thing when I wake up, I sit against my headboard with my pillow tucked behind me to support my lumbar region, and I just slap the 'ceps for about 45 minutes. It's a shockingly good workout; I've gone from marshmallow biceps to a pair of concrete slabs in just a few short months.
  13. I can't stop thinking about how funny the "testosterone 'za" joke was.
  14. I guess that, probably, we both recognise this guy and nobody else here does.
  15. I'm no scientist, but don't I need that blood in other parts of my body to keep me alive? Come on, man. Don't take me as a fool.
  16. How the heck does that happen though? Like, scientifically how does the peen get hard? I have so many questions. I love science though. Great episode. Very funny once again.
  17. Ah, I've been inside Mary I. before. Andy Kneis and I have walked on the same ground, everybody! Kilkenny Castle's actually really cool and the grounds are great when it's sunny and stuff. Barman sounds cheeky alright, I thought he might be just slagging you, but I really wanted to say "problematic".
  18. I lived in Limerick a few years ago and went to college there before I dropped out. Now I'm going to a different college. It was a p cool time there. I've never been inside Blarney Castle or the Guinness factory. Sounds like that guy was a jerk and bad at his job, and holds negative stereotypes about Americans. Hmmmm this is problematic. Did you go to Kilkenny? Kilkenny's a great place, and I live there.
  19. Where were you? Dublin is my guess. Dublin's nice and everyone goes there.
  20. Come on, Andrew. I'm from Ireland and I live in a shed and have to crank a modem to get enough internet to do posts, but even I recognise a rapster who completely changed the game when I see one. Just kidding about the ol' living situation. I live in a nice house with plush furnishings. Edit: Freja that's incredibly funny.
  21. Tim, have you been classically trained as a singer? Edit: Ahh, nevermind. Should have read the whole post. PS Andy, I'm going to read the shit out of that Rush Hour 4 script. The thought that you did that is absolutely hilarious to me, so I can't not read it.
  22. The fat pants thing reminds of Subway Jared's enormous jeans, and like the jeans, the spec is good. I especially liked the "fat pants 911?" text message part.
  23. That Workaholics spec is so damn good. Would you ever post that spec Andy or is it kind of a private thing for fun? I've never written anything like that in my life. I should try, but I live in a small country where no one really does stuff like that and I'm very unmotivated, too.
  24. Now that's a spicy a-thread.
  25. THANK YOU. Geez this has been running through my mind for a while now. I thought I was the only one. It only struck me a couple weeks ago, I said to myself "HELL! I better start posting on the boards before HH gets gobbled up by the mainstream monster." "FREAKIN' HECK!!", I said. "FRICK", was another thing I said. Look guys, I bought the pro version this week. I didn't receive my due prize, and I played it off as a big joke. I worked it into a visual bit, because that's who I am. What was I supposed to do? Leave the funny zone? Turn myself off? Get out of here. But, truth be told, I was hurt. It hurt me to not have a book by BJ Novak named after me. Did it make me cry? Who can say? I've got nothing against my boys Hayes & Sean, they're sweet dudes with hearts of golds, but maybe they're losing touch a little?? Maybe, just maybe. I just hope the guys can stay grounded as their lives truly take flight, like a hot air balloon lifting off the ground or a plane.