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  1. indeed it is a difficult time for vine-famous folks like joe mcgurl
  2. woah!! look at that little guy go! i like adam pally btw
  3. Enjoyed the episode but i'm only posting to announce my new catchphrase. Brexit baby!
  4. honlads

    Brexit baby!

    Brexit baby!
  5. Chopped and screwed giggles are an odd choice at the best of times but with the right beat this ep could go platinum
  6. honlads

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    Stanley. Your posts don't "sit well" with me. Just a joke, no offense. Also fuck you
  7. Still no popcorn gallery question, probably to do with hayes's vendetta against me because i've landed kickflips and pop shove its and he can barely ollie
  8. Hi Jen, It's been posited before on this podcast that comedy is surprises, but how do you define comedy? Is it just jokes or is it something more, like sorcery or crystals? Thanks for bringing back the popcorn gallery it's very good the fans love it
  9. honlads

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    Yessssssss yes
  10. janitor from scrubs. Twisted, twisted individual and the influence behind the joker himself so I hear
  11. i once made two (2) posts in a row and my internet was cut off
  12. ban us all dan engler no good can come of this
  13. I like steveh more power to him
  14. meme of cartoon clenching fist same meme again, the fist one
  15. honlads

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    the idea that a cow would use, say, a tool for work, that's funny to me. I don't think a cow would do that.
  16. honlads

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    Yet another classic episode gang, the lads treat us well u can't deny it. Don't deny it
  17. Great premise, very funny episode.
  18. me on larry king larry king leans back on chair, one arm folded the other gesturing towards me with an open palm: so who do you think is doing good posts on the forum? me, spends five seconds making thoughtful filler noises with my mouth, fingers tented: Larry, I'd have to say the first name that comes to mind is charlie murphy brown
  19. julie klausner reads the forums
  20. I'm excited to hear adam savage bust the myth that alexander hamilton was william shakespeare