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  1. honlads

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    oh my god he's talking about live drummers again
  2. I've read interviews with updog edit: http://www.eonline.com/news/756288/jared-leto-sent-used-condoms-and-anal-beads-to-his-suicide-squad-co-stars-yup-you-read-that-right 15 seconds
  3. the media should have respected leto's craft and ignored that he was sending used condoms to cast mates
  4. Happy birthday to sean. A Good guy, top bloke Have a good day sean Eat some dessert, drink some coke -Extract from "Birth day (the Babys Holiday)", a poem by honlads, 2016
  5. Joe, the thing is I would if i could but the five star system is tried and tested. I'd piss off the wrong people if I revamped it and I don't need that stress in my life right now, my wife is pregnant with twins or more
  6. This episode gets five four stars from me ( a nod to the sponsors, it means five)
  7. what the fuck, Tim have you seen this
  8. Doctor rant! Bear with me but some of the stresses of this job are actually starting to get on top of me myself and I! To put it in plain terms, ego maniacs run this hospital. I get suspended for bringing in a bass and playing my own spin on the Iron Man riff in the orthopaedic plate ward??? Trying to lighten the mood for once. Made up rule!!! Could have let me know some notes were resonating in the plates, a simple text would have sufficed
  9. honlads

    A humble introduction to the HH Classics

    Dave thomas wtf. Ran is right.
  10. funny they should mention the "real world", because this, was a "real" nice episode
  11. Folks it's funny they should mention Netflix's Love because I actually have a bit in my act about it. A lot of these characters, well let's just say I didn't see much "love" up there on my screen. I would have called the show "Rude", on account of some of these characters acting all rudey rude. A more appropriate title would be rude, why isn't this show called RUDE Regards
  12. honlads

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    lmao jennifer beckstrand has fucked up immeasurably
  13. clicked because i thought it said "highly coveted digital asses"
  14. honlads here, love the show
  15. On last week's thread I made this post: Eagle eyes will have noticed that I congratulated Adolf Hitler in this post, as a test, and quite rightly withheld their likes. That name might be familiar to you. He was a famous Nazi. Nazi sympathisers will have liked the post and yes I have called the police. Now with all this "heil" stuff cropping up, I'm almost ready to bid this podcast and forum a dude (cool new way to say "adieu").
  16. Crazy that an Earwolf employee, whose opinions reflect those of Midroll Media LLC, would tell an innocent bystanding forum member to suck it
  17. Congratulations to Adam Buxton and the gang at "The Adam Buxton Podcast". Big congrats to "Black Girl Nerds". Congratulations to the folks at "Casefile". "Hollywood Handbook", I know this one, Sean Clements congrats on all the hard work. I know a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this, now here's your reward. Congrats man. The gang at NPR's "Invisibilia" do great work, great to see them rewarded; congrats. Congratulations to everyone involved at "Love Me". Congratulations to the "Off Camera" crew. "On The Media"? More like On The Podmass. You made it, guys. Congrats. Congratulations to Adolf Hitler of the Nazi party. "Revisionist History", you guys just made history, congratulations to you. Dan Savage, of the "Savage Lovecast", congrats to you big guy. "Scriptnotes"! A long time coming. Congratulations. "Siblings Peculiar", congratulations, folks. "Sleep With Me" wow, saucy title, congratulations on all the success. You made it "Stuff You Missed In History Class". Nice job. Congratulations. Chana Joffe-Walt at "This American Life", congrats. And last but not least: Congrats to the AV Club on yet another great podmass feature. I love podcasts.
  18. Weird way to brag about deleting Facebook whatever man
  19. Flipping the script a bit and wishing a happy father's Day to MYSELF, on behalf of my son Dennis. I could not be more proud of you Den. Here's a pic of me and him, taken this morning before church.
  20. If u ban me I'll only come back stronger with bigger arms, and thighs, toned calves, a strong frame