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  1. Hey jack johnson everyone hates your avatar and what's up with the shit music, shorts and sandals beach motherfucker
  2. 138 good episodes in a row[citation needed] a remarkable achievement. Congrats to all involved edited because of the pieman twenty four holding my feet to the fuckin fire god damn
  3. Louis theroux wants to do a weird weekend on one of my forum sessions. Sometimes I get pretty locked in to the forums and apparently theroux has caught wind
  4. Great ep haven't listened yet. It was my birth day a few weeks ago, big deal, happy birthday me I guess.
  5. Hold on while I hop in to the Podmass comments section to discuss 1,000 podcasts about bad movies
  6. throwback to the best post ever god bless toby keith sweat
  7. If anyone wants in on the secret forum just mail me 1 thousand US dollars legal tender and we'll talk. We'll have a sit-down.
  8. I think he's real. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx5Eu3CGapI
  9. Good moment on The Best Show when Tom and Hayes both said "keister" at the same time. I said it at the same time too but that's not really a big deal. It would be harder to say it at a time I'm not saying it.
  10. What we have here is another great episode. A classic example of a great ep
  11. Enjoyed the ep looking forward to the next one
  12. honlads

    Survivor MEGATHREAD

    If Survivor hadn't shown us Michele's confessionals with her shouting "this is important to my game" over the sound of the waves every 8 minutes, I wouldn't have thought she stood a chance. I don't know if she made a concerted effort to play a social game or whether she just made friends with a couple of people. I would have liked someone to ask her why she established relationships with the people she did. Julia for example. I don't think it was gameplay, just a byproduct of living with all these people. Nothing seemed deliberate. Basically I'm pissed Aubry didn't win. I don't think she's neurotic. She's a reasonably anxious person, and a great player.
  13. Error: file not found at: C:\users\honlads\Documents\Selfies\PodcastReactions\Private\Risque\Swimsuit\THUMBSUPCROUCH.JPG
  14. honlads

    Survivor MEGATHREAD

    Who knew it would be the FBI (Fat stacks of Beef Ingested) that would take down one of their own in the end
  15. okay wow Apollo 13 weak sauce okay wow? Try 95% on rotten tomatoes with 85 reviews counted bitch
  16. No matter how funny it can be when a guest doesn't really get what's going on, there's nothing like a guest that comes in and immediately gets the vibe and feeds off Sean and Hayes and gives them loads too. such a good episode. Sean saying "unreal!" at the big slug from A Bug's Life is a great moment.
  17. honlads

    Who better, sean or hayes?

    Gotta agree with my pal Greggy
  18. Turn that pencil upside down and erase ur posts Okay even in my tired state I can still deliver a great roast. A testament to the power of the human mind.
  19. A few new posters joined after the CBB episode it seems, I'm sure you've heard about the forum's now classic hazing process. Gonna roast everyone that's posted so far. Ruthless. Start the clock. Agata. Hey, oh "staff"? What are you a shepherd? What's with the staff? Houston. Well I guess I'll do the problem thing here. Norm. What's that even short for?? Jon Onyx. Okay I'm running out of steam I feel. Insanely early. Joe Lerini. Ah dude what ummm Joe that's a standard name ah fuck orangetobbogan. Ah okay, shit. Ahhh orange is not my favourite colour. Not even top 3. Gollstone. It hurts to piss, fuck Lexfor. Lex... luthfor. Villain. Bad guy Number 1 Cheeba Hawk. What happened the other cheeba hawks. Ah fuck they could be dead. I hope you weren't close, shit JBell. Damn extremely straightforward name. Damn damn I'm so tired honlads
  20. honlads

    Survivor MEGATHREAD

    Yeah Michelle is getting a heavy edit even though she's kind of boring af. Looks like they're pushing the winner but I hope not.
  21. honlads

    Survivor MEGATHREAD

  22. Wow okay I hate that it has come to this but wow okay 06 Feb 2015 "CORPSEFUCKER SHITLORD: Woah honlads that's a sick fuckin' avatar." I had just started tipping my mug. 10 Feb 2015 (4 days later) You look for help making your mug tip. 10 Feb 2015 I provide you with a compressed, compatible mug, tipping. 04 May 2016 You attack me on the forums and don't make me cry. I have a right to defend myself.
  23. Love the part where Hayes says "who's a good guy... Did honlads ever get it?" anyone else hear that part? Great part imo. Love that memory. Also, hellooooooo, "tip your mug"???? I know a fan when I hear one. Thanks Sean. Really feeling this ep. Maybe I can be a guest cohost next week, just an idea