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  1. 7 hours ago, nohorseman said:

    been browsing r/flashlights and the tech here has improved drastically in the last five years due to advancements with batteries and high energy emitters. throw your maglite away bitch and get you a 90+cri nichia angled headlamp with a 18650

     If you don’t have a headlamp in your edc you’re not prepared for eventualities 

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  2. If there’s one thing I hate it’s handouts and if the pro version theme turns up in the feed for poor people again I will be CANCELLING my stitcher subscription effective immediately based on my principles alone. And I don’t WANT to do that! I love the service and it works and I use it to listen to so many good shows and I do use the app and not some unofficial rss hacked up shit someone had to make because it fucking sucks so bad and I love when I open the stitcher app and for some reason there are news stories and shit on the home screen of it so DONT make me do that, don’t force my hand

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