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  1. I actually found Michele's game really really enjoyable to watch. Her win was a throwback to the core of what Survivor really is - sending your fellow players to the jury but getting them to turn around and vote for you in the end.


    Michele did that with a stellar social game, where I think Aubry unnecessarily burned some bridges, and her neuroticism - lovable to us in small, 42-minute doses each week - probably annoyed the people who had to deal with it for 936 hours straight on a deserted island with no food or sleep.


    And Tai... well, Tai's game was kind of like that wild, runaway train that Tom Scharpling rode all the way across the country and then crashed into the Pacific Ocean, presumably in a huge ball of uncontrollable flames.


    If Survivor hadn't shown us Michele's confessionals with her shouting "this is important to my game" over the sound of the waves every 8 minutes, I wouldn't have thought she stood a chance. I don't know if she made a concerted effort to play a social game or whether she just made friends with a couple of people. I would have liked someone to ask her why she established relationships with the people she did. Julia for example. I don't think it was gameplay, just a byproduct of living with all these people. Nothing seemed deliberate. Basically I'm pissed Aubry didn't win. I don't think she's neurotic. She's a reasonably anxious person, and a great player.

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  2. Pretty sure that's me nbd, sorry


    Wow okay I hate that it has come to this but wow okay


    06 Feb 2015

    "CORPSEFUCKER SHITLORD: Woah honlads that's a sick fuckin' avatar."

    I had just started tipping my mug.


    10 Feb 2015 (4 days later)

    You look for help making your mug tip.


    10 Feb 2015

    I provide you with a compressed, compatible mug, tipping.


    04 May 2016

    You attack me on the forums and don't make me cry.


    I have a right to defend myself.

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