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  1. nice to see Scot in his element, sitting on the bench.




    As you can see in my previous notes I have been spelling Scot "Scott" quite consistently over the weeks. This is not a misspelling on my part but is in fact a brutal own. Want to dispel rumours that I did not know there was only one T that's crazy it's not true ur being crazy rn

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  2. NOTES


    Scott: "Survivor's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". Damn, Scott. So true. Not immediately cringey and utterly regrettable after the first couple of words. Great homage to Tom Hanks, the original Castaway.


    Blocking my ears so I don't feel empathy for Jason.


    Jeff: "Aubry takes a dump."

    Insane choice of words for when someone falls into the sea.


    Spirit of Neal lives on in ice cream. His influence palpable.


    Scott, wtf I'm blocking my ears again.


    C'mon Cydney, yes, send these guys home please.


    Nice, love when the food comes out.


    You should never spell out the strategy even when it seems obvious imo, just in case.


    Nick what r u doing. I love it he's destroying himself.


    YES, very interesting.


    Come on, Michele, just do it.



    Looking forward to this ~~~tribal council~~~.


    Nice to see Neal hasn't become one big boil. Sup man how's the ice cream business?


    Tai. WTF, don't reveal shit for no reason.


    YES it's happening


    Nick describing tribal as "bittersweet", obviously thinks "bittersweet" means bitter.


    Bye nick you stupid prick.



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  3. Got two eps to watch!


    I didn't take notes for the first one. Great tribal.








    I love Cydney and can't wait for the Coneheads reboot



    Ah shit Jason and Scott are back together.


    It would be great TV if Jason, Scott and Nick stepped on a landmine.


    Debbie playing awful. Aubry and Neal are smart (except for Neal walking around with the immunity idol swinging around wtf man).


    Wow Jason is now full blown self-parody with this jock/nerd shit.


    lol Jeff's just loving all the weird puss and lumps and growths


    "Two balls on your disc", "Nick's balls dancing all over the place", almost sounds like... Jeff, that almost sounds like you said... Jeff, it's almost as if you're trying to say... Jeff...


    The tribe being called Dara is really funny to me because that's just a standard Irish name. It's like the tribe being called Bill.


    Someone google image searched "standard tattoo" and has been following Scott around the island projecting the results page onto his upper body for two weeks. Incredible commitment as usual from the Survivor crew.


    Jeff: "You know I saw so many of you looked sick." Yeah Cydney looks pretty sick. Sick as in good. As in I am very attracted to Cydney.


    All this preamble and stuff but Jeff really just wants a closer look at some welts. Sicko but I love him for it


    Jeff's two seconds away from starting a "LANCE IT!" chant


    Oh no is Neal going home, oh no... oh no. Shiiiiiiit.


    Rumour has it that wasn't puss but Neal's blood forcing its way out of Neil's body and rumour has it Neal's blood is vanilla ice cream. Messed up

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