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  1. I snorted milk through my nose during the Bonobos ad. I should know by now not to drink while listening to Jimmy, but I really thought I would be safe during a commercial. BTW --- I think Matt was trying to come up with the word 'prevaricate' as a word similar to 'procrastinate'.
  2. GrantRC

    Episode 122 — Shanghaied by Irene

    I can't stop listening to this episode. It's after midnight Monday morning, and I just finished my fifth time all the way through. And that doesn't include the couple of times skipping through just to hear Yo La Tengo perform again and again. Zach and Paul were great, as usual. (Happy Birthday, Paul.) My favorite moment is when Zach forces Paul and Werner to greet each other. When Paul changes voices seamlessly, Zach says, "How do you do that?" and the purity of his respect for Paul's talent is remarkable. Outstanding episode Scott.