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  1. Randomly found this video and thought it might inspire some good improv!
  2. Hobocop

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    That first Foam Corner theme hit me pretty hard... second one made it all better. Miss ya Harris <3
  3. Hobocop

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Such a bittersweet episode, with weirdly good(?) timing. Was more than I could have hoped for this morning, and brings a hint of closure to this whole tragedy. Will be listening to it, especially the intro and outro, many times in the future. It's nice reading everyone's comments on Harris, around the forums here and the rest of the internet. It truly makes me appreciate this community, of random strangers that I can share something so personal in common with that my real life friends and family just wouldn't understand. Any context or story behind the voicemail at the very end? Cheers.
  4. Hobocop

    We will miss you Harris

    I was in a thrift store last week and the guy in front of me was buying a backpack, and the lady at the counter asked if he wanted a bag... all I could think of was the Foam Corner response... "Lady that's what it is!" Harris gave me many of my best laughs in the last few years, consistently. A huge loss for comedy. Thanks Earwolf for bringing so much of him to us over the years.
  5. Pretty sure Matt is a fan of NOFX, I think someone like Fat Mike would work well with this format. I've had a very hard time listening to the singer-songwriter style that most of the musical guests on I4H play... it's just so cringe-worthy to me. Completely subjective - I just have to skip past the songs most of the time.
  6. Hobocop

    Episode 298 — The Hotwives of Orlando

    This seems very very likely. Super excited to hear the new album and of course this episode!
  7. Haven't listened yet (saving it for when I'm home from work), just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this happen! I'm already giving it a 10/10
  8. New plugs theme song I did with a couple friends. "I put a plug in you" - Band name is "Ben Chapman" https://soundcloud.com/hobocop585/i-put-a-plug-in-you I set soundcloud to downloadable, but just in case here is a direct mp3 link: http://www.freeexplosions.com/iputapluginyou.mp3 Thanks!
  9. Hobocop

    Episode 204 — The Pepper Men

    Randomly found this song on the intarwebz today too... At first I thought someone had completely ripped off this episode... was very relieved to see it was an official release!
  10. Guy responding to people complaining about his dog wearing a shock collar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8VAPFsEmLQ
  11. Hobocop

    If you haven't bought the UCB Book yet

    Even to Canada it was $29 to ship, that was the cheapest, next option was around $70. I didn't mind the $29 but it looks like my order may have been lost in the depths of the internet. It said it was completed, but I had no confirmation email - my credit card hasn't been charged for it yet so it's possible that it messed up on my end. I just don't want to place another order if it did in fact go through, I just have no way of knowing. Sorry to post this here, just really want the book and don't know how else to contact the UCB store
  12. Hobocop

    If you haven't bought the UCB Book yet

    Ordered my copy earlier today But I didn't get a confirmation email or anything. And I can't find any contact email or support line on the UCB store website. Any help would be appreciated. Really looking forward to the book!
  13. Been keeping an eye out for unknown blog rants... finally found one I think is I4H worthy from the beginning onward. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TP8llTH3BE The ending minute or so is pretty good too: http://youtu.be/7TP8llTH3BE?t=8m3s
  14. Hobocop

    Episode 230 — Something for Everything

    Similar thing happened to me, haha. That's just too funny, LDOS must have really lucked out with this. Time to take the show on tour!
  15. Hobocop

    Episode 7 — A Crazy Moment in Phishtory

    This was not only my favorite Analyze Phish episode, but probably my favorite of any podcast episode I've ever heard. So many funny moments all over the place. Keep doing these!!!
  16. Hobocop

    Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

    I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but... like every episode, I only tuned in for the Plugs, and there were no Plugs. WHERE ARE MY GODDAMN PLUGS!?!??
  17. New plugs theme attached, by me and a friend, so please don't credit my forum username. "Fuck Would You Rather, This is Plugs", by Brad the Pigeon Direct link is here, just in case: http://www.freeexplosions.com/fwyrtip.mp3 Thank you!
  18. A tower defense game where you are trying to kill Andy Daly characters before they reach the window and commit suicide.
  19. Hobocop

    Please stop with case closed

    Personally I love the Cased Closed segments, typically even more than the skits they inspire. Everyone calling in seems to acknowledge that it's a civil debate on a comedy podcast and there haven't been any harsh hang-ups or people who couldn't handle it. I also like how it involves just the average joe, almost like the man on the street interviews. Kudos to the guests on these segments, even though Matt gets pretty in their face they all seem to keep it cool.
  20. Curious as to when the live Vancouver show might drop? Was incredibly hilarious and I'm psyched to hear it again. Definitely worth a couple bucks if it's released as a paid episode. Monkeys!!!
  21. Hobocop

    Rare photo of the CROWBOT discovered!

    Couldn't help but picture this rendering in the recent Crowbot appearance on the show... still love it!
  22. It's kinda ridiculous, but that's the point... i think. Upload doesn't seem to work, here is a direct link to the mp3 from my FTP: http://www.freeexplosions.com/whatsuphotdog.mp3
  23. Hobocop

    Meeting Up

    I'm so used to meeting people from the Internet via meetup groups that it doesn't phase me anymore Going to Brian Posehn at the comedy mix tonight too. Just gonna throw it out there, me and a buddy will be at the Cambie at 3:30 today... I'll be in a blue Comedy Bang Bang shirt. Come say hi!
  24. Hobocop

    Meeting Up

    So, who's going to the Vancouver show on the 9th and wants to meet a couple of CBB nerds for a beer beforehand?