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  1. My Grandmother has a really funky chicken and a super loose goose. Stupid ipod keyboard!
  2. Seems like a good one for Football Season! D-Ron Dudley loves you!
  3. DRonDudley

    The New Guy

    This should have won an Academy Award. This was a suggested movie by Netflix. Must watch. Thanks for your show! D-Ron Dudley
  4. Thank you Huell for bringing smiles to all of us. Hopefully, your spirit will live on at CBB! D-Ron Dudley
  5. This will be the longest Catchphrase ever in the history of catchphrases... Love D-Ron Dudley
  6. DRonDudley

    Error 404 - Catchphrase not found

    Congrats on winning!! You are now part of the winners club! D-Ron. Ep 135 winner
  7. Work all day! Love D-Ron
  8. Yep, this one is free!
  9. For our Asian listeners...
  10. Gotta keeps the Marks happy. D-Ron Dudley
  11. Dear Bob, Where are you? D-Ron