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  1. My Grandmother has a really funky chicken and a super loose goose. Stupid ipod keyboard!
  2. Seems like a good one for Football Season! D-Ron Dudley loves you!
  3. DRonDudley

    The New Guy

    This should have won an Academy Award. This was a suggested movie by Netflix. Must watch. Thanks for your show! D-Ron Dudley
  4. Thank you Huell for bringing smiles to all of us. Hopefully, your spirit will live on at CBB! D-Ron Dudley
  5. This will be the longest Catchphrase ever in the history of catchphrases... Love D-Ron Dudley
  6. DRonDudley

    Error 404 - Catchphrase not found

    Congrats on winning!! You are now part of the winners club! D-Ron. Ep 135 winner
  7. Work all day! Love D-Ron
  8. Yep, this one is free!
  9. DRonDudley

    How about EarPups?

    Open a phone line up for an hour or two a week for the listeners to call in and leave messages. Never know what fun will Come aboiut from amatuers like us. D-Ron
  10. For our Asian listeners...
  11. Gotta keeps the Marks happy. D-Ron Dudley
  12. Dear Bob, Where are you? D-Ron
  13. Reverse it and see how it goes...
  14. Good luck with the show!!! D-Ron Dudley
  15. Testicular shrinkage Toe nail farts Elbow anal leakage Blue eye balls Pink knee hig sock Blackened Wooden stool Come back to us Bob!
  16. DRonDudley

    What guest do you want to see?

    Trey Parker and Matt! Me!
  17. I figured Bob was kidnapped by Drug Cartels seeking his vast amount of prescriptions. Heard him on SXSW on CBB though. Hope his show comes back soon. If it is done for awhile, let us know. It was a great show tO queue up on the way to work. Thank you Bob!