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  1. chrismorgan

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    I wanted to submit a clip of Bryan Cranston appearing on Alf's Hit Talk Show, but, alas, since the world is not the beautiful place we hope it to be, I could only find a clip featuring him briefly that mostly focuses on Leon Redbone. Still, it's something: Also, while I am at it, here's a link to the introduction of the very first episode of the show, featuring a rare public appearance from Joan Rivers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVCNAXud6H4
  2. chrismorgan

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    Presented without commentary, here's the Bee Gees on Into the Night with Rick Dees
  3. chrismorgan

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    The way I have described the late-1960s version of Dragnet, on the occasions that I have had to describe it, is that, in Jack Webb's view of the world, every day there were dozens of people who were dropping acid and putting dogs in ovens, and only he could stop it. The most famous episode of the show dealt with this pretty much head one, where Joe Friday and Bill Gannon confront a gentleman known as "Blue Boy." The following clip is a bit long at nigh eight minutes, but you can get the gist of it from the first couple of minutes, wherein out heroes meet the titular gentleman.
  4. chrismorgan

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    When Mr. Fogelnest was first describing this podcast, I remember him discussing wanting to have Eddie Deezen on. This immediately brought one piece of cinema gold up to mind: Laserblast This film is notable for a couple of reasons. One, despite it being so reviled by and large that it ended up on MST3K, Leonard Maltin gave it 2 and one half stars, which got much mocking from Mike Nelson and his robot pals as well. Secondly, not only is it Deezen's movie debut, he also plays an antagonist and something of a bully. This is, suffice to say, a bit of a departure for Mr. Deezen. Alas and alack, I can find no footage of Deezen in the movie that isn't from that episode of MST3K. So, perhaps in a bizarre turn of events, someday we shall hear Jake Fogelnest and Eddie Deezen discussing a clip of a man and two robots discussing the movie Laserblast. Is this not why we are alive?
  5. chrismorgan

    Submit clips here!

    What the world needs now more than ever is a wrestler owned food court installation. Alas, King Kong Bundt Cake folded before it even got a chance, for it was too beautiful for this world, and no sign of it remains. At least this video from the opening of Hulk Hogan's Pastamania lives on: Also, in the wrestling vein, I was really hoping to find video of Kamala being taught how to bowl, but I failed. Perhaps somebody more noble than I can complete my dream.