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  1. and that's why you'll never see Cowboys in the Olympics.
  2. Laserbuns

    Episode 3 — Fighting For Our Lifes

    You guys need to start showing Phil some Goddamned respect.
  3. Laserbuns

    Opportunity Knocks

    Dana Carvey sings Born to be Wild at the Quarry and he does his Bush 41 impression in a bathroom at Wrigley field. This is a bad movie.
  4. Laserbuns

    Torque (2004)

  5. Laserbuns

    Torque (2004)

    It's kinda like Fast and the Furious except with crotch rockets, which obviously makes it a 1000 times better. It stars Ice Cube and Adam Scott with a ridiculous wig as the villain. There's a scene towards the end with dueling motorcycles attacking each other that has to be seen to be believed.