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  1. Keep your face always toward the sunshine and you'll get a heck of a sunburn.
  2. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - oh well.
  3. ashinyobject

    How Many Plugs?

  4. ashinyobject

    How Many Plugs?

    Just trying to reach your plug theme pedigree.
  5. ashinyobject

    An Offering to the Content Gods (Have Mercy)

    I like this a lot, but it's not available to download so they can't use it until it is.
  6. Look towards the sun, and you'll never see a shadow....because you're blind now.
  7. ashinyobject

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    I was truly honored to get a "that's a good song" after my plugs theme.
  8. https://soundcloud.com/ashinyobject/i-only-care-about-plugs-1
  9. ashinyobject

    I Only Care About Plugs

    I've gotta bump above Face Like Thunder!
  10. ashinyobject

    I Only Care About Plugs

  11. Hamburgers are made of beef, just like me! Great catchphrase! You're like the son I've never had. I love you.
  12. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang! for another episode, and it is so great to be here. We've got a great show today. So let's jump right in!
  13. If you can teach a man to teach, but you can't teach a man to learn, then how do you teach a man to teach?!?!?!
  14. https://soundcloud.c...beginning-plugs This is the best one I've ever done. Plus, there's a Time Keeper cameo!
  15. Once you go Scott, you burn a lot.
  16. ashinyobject

    Since the Beginning (Plugs)

    Bump me up, Scotty!
  17. ashinyobject

    Since the Beginning (Plugs)

    Weekly bump.
  18. ashinyobject

    Guest suggestions

    John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats Carey Mercer from Frog Eyes Both would be great musical guests.
  19. https://soundcloud.c...s-its-plug-time Thanks daddy.
  20. ashinyobject

    EPISODE 388 — Breath Before Death

    They used my plug theme! I don't know if Neko Case being surprised by my chords is good or bad.
  21. ashinyobject

    Everyone Knows It's Plug Time

    Yay! I made it! 2015 - Episode 388
  22. ashinyobject

    Plugs 4: Fuck's Sake

    You did it!
  23. ashinyobject

    Everyone Knows It's Plug Time

    Please let my Plug Song streak continue! 2011 - Episode 125 2012 - Episode 177 2013 - Episode 259 2014 - Episode 287 2015 - Episode ???
  24. ashinyobject

    Everyone Knows It's Plug Time

    Weekly bump.