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  1. ashinyobject

    Everyone Knows It's Plug Time

    An ancient form of Adobe Audition
  2. ashinyobject

    Everyone Knows It's Plug Time

    Anyway to brown nose?
  3. If you go the extra mile, you'll miss your destination.
  4. Verily, verily, I say to thee, know'st thou what mine eyes hath seen? Your fly is open.
  5. https://soundcloud.c...dont-depress-me
  6. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll love you Tomorrow, Tomorrow's just a day to cheat on my diet.
  7. https://soundcloud.c...-this-plug-time by W Brett Mattox (The Northwest Man) http://northwestman.awkwardcore.com/ It's that time of the show Our favorite part When you tell us your new thing And when it will start But remember this time When you're flowing with cash Cause a few years from now You will be living in trash And in the end We all find Death's embrace
  8. ashinyobject

    Remember This Plug Time

  9. ashinyobject

    Remember This Plug Time

    I was teased when it was downloaded and never used.
  10. Unfortunately, no one has submitted any Catchphrase Suggestions this week.
  11. http://soundcloud.co...obodygivesadamn Nobody Gives a Damn About Your Plugs
  12. ashinyobject

    Nobody Gives a Damn About Your Plugs

    First of all, I apologize. Second of all, if you liked my plugs theme(s), I've just released a new album at http://northwestman.awkwardcore.com/album/fake-apple . Very amateur of me. Sorry.
  13. I am all alone. I am dead inside. Nobody loves me.
  14. Singing. I love singing. Sing sing sing. Love singing. Sing. Sing. Singing sing. Fa la la, sing sing sing. Love sing singing sing. Singing. Fa la SING.
  15. Once, Twice, Three Times Alfredo
  16. If you go the extra mile, you'll miss your destination...
  17. Every now and then, I look up to the heavens, peer through the vastness of the universe, and think, is Chris Angel really magic?
  18. http://soundcloud.com/ashinyobject/plugs-song-the-reign-continues I want to be famous for more than one week!
  19. http://soundcloud.co...o-say-something Well, it's short...if that counts for something.
  20. ashinyobject

    My go at it...it being Plug Theme.

    Yay! My plugs theme was used!