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    Episode 17 — Live from Downtown Franklin

    Indie 103 dot knobs. Lil' Gary likes to move it move it.
  2. UncleBarbeque

    Top 5 CBB/CDR Moments

    The things that made me crack up the most with not much thought put into it - Dov Charney describing how he'd dress the other guests - The Birthday Boys holding the studio hostage with Marc Maron - Nick Kroll as Fabrice Fabrice doing a spoken word piece "Table" - Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber listing the other kinds of cats he could write about - Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer juggling ten characters between them - I guess I like annoying characters, because I love Bro the weed guy and David Koechner as T-Bone. "All mics are always on." "We'd like to keep them on in case anything interesting happens." "All right. Now you are assured it will." - AND Lil' Gary!