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  1. Pod Pooper

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    If you live in Orange county ca you can join my game. None of us really know wtf were doing though.
  2. Pod Pooper

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Sick. I just played my first D&D game last weekend. Stoked I can hear these dudes play.
  3. Pod Pooper

    Episode 5 — White Rappers

    Got my drunk Dick suck by my bbw girl while listening to this. Life is fun. That's one bad ass jelly donut. Namaste bro.
  4. Pod Pooper

    Episode 1 — Fanute The Coupe

    This shit is fucking awesome. A Swag Dracula is a style lifting bitter. I'm bout to drop a hot deuce on the commode. Bye bye.
  5. Pod Pooper

    Episode 89 — Great Big Hill of Hope

    Every time I sit I think about "Tables". So fucking profound it makes me want to shit at the most unspeakable moments. Love Jah.
  6. Pod Pooper

    Episode 182 — Repeat Your Keyword

    Wonder if Heidecker is going to be a complete asshole in this episode.
  7. Pod Pooper

    Episode 131 — Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    Jason looks evil. Cool.
  8. Pod Pooper

    Episode 27 — Big Bang

    It would be cool is you guys got David Icke on the show to talk about some reptilian shit. Love the show, listen to it every week.
  9. Pod Pooper

    Episode 48 — Emotional Luggage

    Sweet Howard was on Pretend Time. I was sad cause my secret girlfriend, who doesn't know we're dating, was being lame but then I seen DBS on Pretend Time and I was happy again.
  10. Pod Pooper

    The Wicker Man

    Can't wait for this one. Hell fucking yeah. I love the Wickerman. Woooooooo, so pumped up for this. Best remake ever.