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  1. Smalkmus

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    This show just gets better and better...so many great moments: We found your Parn stash Sadly no commercials from Blaine but we did get, "Uh oh! Yeti-O's!" Sark having the mothers kill the children and then throwing themselves on the fire was epic I don't know why it cracked me up so much but when Brian was describing the kind of gear he likes to wear, Blaine suggested cargo jorts and then said he sounds like that guy from Simply Red Love the idea of Mildred doing a mercy killing with a war hammer and Blaine's casual line, "I thought we were just gonna like...crush her head with a brick..." Another awesome episode...I'm psyched to find out what will happen on their trip to the crystal map symbol and what they will find when they get there. Also, hoping to see them fight some necromancer possessed wolves.
  2. Smalkmus

    Questions for Sark

    That's a good question. I'm always curious if it's just a loose idea that is built on the fly like if they open a door, are you rolling to determine whether the room has any enemies in it or whether the room is the control room? Or did you know they have to go through this specific sequence of door ways to get to the control room?
  3. Smalkmus

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    so awesome, another amazing episode...hahaha Parn, son of Karn. I was thinking the same thing!
  4. Smalkmus

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    hahaha that's perfect
  5. Smalkmus

    Character Drawings

    These are phenomenal!
  6. Smalkmus

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    haha exactly...Damien just wandered off to find his clothes when the group was in a pretty dire situation so he deserved to be fucked with and not just handed the robes. But now it's just the image of them standing out in the freezing cold and Damien having nothing while the others are somewhat well equipped that cracks me up. It kind of reminds me of Three Amigos when everyone is dying of thirst and Chevy Chase's character is pouring water all over his face and the ground. But now I want to see Damien get some sweet robes and a magical staff so he can become a super powerful dark lord and go off.
  7. Smalkmus

    The Forum Forum

    Oops...I see the "follow this topic" button at the top of the page now. So, new question is whether there's any way to delete a post?
  8. Smalkmus

    The Forum Forum

    Hi Shannon or anyone else who might know, Is it possible to subscribe to a forum and/or forum topic to get a notification email when there are new posts or replies to a topic? Just curious, thanks for all you do to keep everything running awesome on here.
  9. Smalkmus

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    What an awesome episode! What do you guys think is up with the ship moving on its own at the end of the episode while they were sleeping? Do you think they just slid on ice or the icy ground is moving under them? Or is something more mysterious going on? I love the star chart and the ship's ability to jump from place to place. It reminds me of Mass Effect. It's such a great device to allow the characters to explore so many diverse worlds. Hopefully they can get more crystals and repair the ship so we get to experience more cool worlds. I have a feeling that they have a trek ahead of them somewhat like the movie The Grey and if/when they make it to Glenishmore, all the people in Glenishmore will be like zombies, controlled by the old man, maybe with the exception of a few helpful underground NPCs. Also, it cracks me up that Bart is wearing the purple robes that should probably be Damien's. Bart just put the robe on over his armor and nobody said anything. It seemed to me like the robe was perfect for Brian's nearly naked new character. I find it so funny imagining Brian's sulking character in a loin cloth in the freezing cold standing next to Bart who has dragon skin, armor, and this wizard cloak which does him no good at all lol
  10. Smalkmus

    Questions for Sark

    No question this time, just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome show and thanks for taking time to answer all of our questions!
  11. Smalkmus

    Character Drawings

    These drawings are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them!
  12. Smalkmus

    What guest do you want to see?

    Saw David Alan Grier tweeting his enjoyment of CBB tv show. I think he would be a fantastic guest on the podcast. He is a great improviser and super funny.
  13. Smalkmus

    Questions for Sark

    I would love to hear about all this as well. I'm curious what you had planned if the group hadn't jumped off the ship and into the water. Did you make up the underwater people with the diving bells on the spot or was the group destined to meet them one way or another? If they hadn't jumped off the ship, would they have just crashed into the place where they found sparklett? Thanks a lot for this awesome show. I really love listening each week.
  14. Smalkmus

    Character Drawings

    All of these drawings are amazing. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your works of art.
  15. I love this show. I'd love to hear Hot Saucerman as a guest improviser sometime. It would be cool to hear his improv skills on somebody else's show that has a different format than CBB.
  16. My WiFi - Borat
  17. Smalkmus

    What guest do you want to see?

    Jon Benjamin would be cool. My perfect show would be Brett Gelman and Brian Huskey doing dusty bubble characters and Paul F Tompkins playing straight with Scott
  18. Smalkmus


    That's a great idea, I'm glad they started doing that!
  19. This is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing it
  20. Smalkmus

    Episode 136 — 2011 Holiday Spectacular

    That was an amazing episode. Thank you so much for this and all the other great episodes this year.
  21. Smalkmus

    Saying the number for each entry

    Ya, where is the outrage!?!!?!?!?! haha...I just thought it added a nice structure to the show and also made me more excited about each of the chart entries. Also, it was interesting to see how the guest would react to it. Now it seems like guests usually join in on the "NUMBER 1" but they usually come in late after Howard and Kulap say it.
  22. Love the show so very deeply but just wondered what happened to everyone saying, "Numberrrrr 5", "Numberrrrr 4", "Numberrrrr 3", "Numberrrrr 2", for each of the chart entries? I have missed that in the last few episodes.
  23. Smalkmus

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    I think this has been my favorite Who Charted to date. Ben Schwartz was so much fun. I love the mad-lib summation idea. I really wish they would bring back shouting out the number for each chart entry instead of just the #1.
  24. Smalkmus

    Where are the videogame charts?

    A video game chart sounds interesting. If Howard and Kulap don't play a lot of games maybe they could do a video game chart if they have a guest who is a big gamer...not sure who that would be though
  25. I'd love to hear Jon Benjamin