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  1. You had me cum on guys.
  2. There is a man is me underwear...and that man is me penis.
  3. I know you know who will be on the show From the iTunes or website descripción. Still, I will in the intro shut them down- It's called presentación.
  4. If someone doesn't fart into a microphone during the show, I will be forced to tell everyone what my real name is.
  5. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to arson.
  6. Good news! I washed my dick AND my ball(s) this morning.
  7. peepantsslut

    I've got her peas.

    Her garden makes me green, and red and sore with envy.
  8. peepantsslut

    Episode 124 — Bro-ing Out Pt Deux

    I believe, in all whiskey humility, that Matthew Sweet was unconsciously cheating at "What Am I Thinking." I have only the auditory evidence of him seemingly precipitating his responses with a super-synaptic causality. He's just really good and sneaky. I also crapped out of my vagina.