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    13 Going Hooray

    Al Green doing Creep is literally the best thing I've heard in my life.
  2. Oh ya, I meant to say, absurd props to the engineers for the sound being absolutely golden on all the live music, and just in general. I know nothing about recording but I know I have heard a fair amount of similar things that sounded like trash. Logistically it must be insane to get a whole group like Hallelujah the Hills to sound so good alongside a handful of people saying funny words.
  3. Neither do I, and I'd go so far as to call that contrast delightful and compelling. Incidentally, I tried to phrase my enthusiasm in a positive way, rather than saying, "I literally don't even comprehend why people would feel the need to turn up on a forum for the greatest podcast in the universe and try to dissuade this man from doing this truly wonderful and interesting thing, let alone, good grief, register an account just to do so." Which is also how I feel.
  4. I absolutely adore the musical episodes from every angle. As a listener they're great and as a way for artists to get some exposure they're great and as a window into Besser's musical taste they're great and also as a thing that's great, they're great. Allison Weiss has a new fan and is great. This episode is great.
  5. Schach

    Episode 156 — Frozen Wogurt

    Engorged only makes me think of dicks and ticks.
  6. Was Scott's neighbor this dude?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfS328h_7Og
  7. The musical episodes of this show are so good it just drives me nuts. Every guest in general is awesome. The show is! Makes me think of some modern day salon-style gathering or some other highfalutin nerd shit I can't properly express. You guys should see if you can get Jason Isbell. I know Matt liked his latest album (because it is a masterpiece). He did WTF and judging from his Twitter he has a sense of humor.
  8. Profoundly bizarre kid in a suit presenting his review of TGI Friday's frozen chicken. Pretty sure his mother is behind the camera.
  9. Schach

    Episode 254 — Nick-or-Treat

    I know there's straight up no chance Andrew reads these forums but on this one it definitely helps to hear the ads in question http://cheesegod69.tumblr.com/post/63267521070/thirteenfunbreaker-theporygontrail-remember The mind boggles.
  10. For the record Shane is more than just a nightmarish incest creep he's also a talented singer and guitar player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERFJVj4aICQ And not to restate the obvious but god damn I4H is just killing it with alarming consistency.
  11. Schach

    Guest suggestions

    This isn't a specific guest suggestion but it occurred to me that it would be interesting as hell to hear some fledgling improvisers, or comics who don't usually do improv. One of my favorite things about the show is Matt Besser's ability to speak clearly and confidently on the subject of improv it'd be really cool to hear an episode with someone new or inexperienced and then hear a gentle (or not) critique from Matt at the end, or after each scene. This probably also stems from how much I enjoyed Matt on Earwolf Challenge. I dunno if this would appeal to anyone else and it'd probably have to be a bonus episode due to having someone on who doesn't qualify as one of The Best Improvisers In The Universe but still.
  12. Schach

    Episode 85 — Animal Lovers

    "Oh, the time that our species quits licking mommy's pussy? I guess that's the big thing we're working towards?" Paul Rust is ruining my life making me laugh this hard when I have the flu.
  13. I straight up don't even comprehend how someone could say something like "I love Matt Besser and his work but I don't care about anything he thinks." If you're interested in the man as a performer why wouldn't you want to know more about him in general? Especially with something as compelling as an interview/debate with the actual Ethicist. Are these the guys not throwing quarters in the juggler's tipbox? Can I also say more specifically, and at the risk of being overly sincere, that I disagree in large part with Randy Cohen. It means a lot, as a gay dude, to hear a straight person, who ostensibly has no stake in the matter, just cold yelling at a dude with dumb, bigoted opinions. God I wish you'd gotten Ben Shapiro on.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmgbtfptGa0
  15. Brilliant episode. I've never posted anything here but I had to weigh in on the Chris Gore thing I found it so funny and Matt's abridged thoughts on improv so rad to hear. Chris Gore seems to think of improv as some weird form of therapy where weaklings provide each other with gentle encouragement, rather than... performing and entertaining people. Does he think there's no point to anything if you're not doing it in real life? Is the only true form of art getting applause for yelling at your girlfriend in public? Oh you like war movies why don't you go join the Army coward. Stop playing free jazz you puss take your horn out in the street and see if a homeless person starts yelling along with you. Lovely Matt Besser handled the conversation wonderfully but I kinda thought some scenes based on Mr. Gore's bizarre non-sequitur opinions might have been fun. Nothing against Chris Gore. Will probably check out his podcast.