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    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Show is awesome and funny as hell. As a former phish and other bands in the same "genre" I sometimes wonder what I ever liked about these bands. As I've gotten older (32), I find their music and lyrics lack enough depth to really resonate any more. I think their biggest appeal to fans at this point is that since of being in a club that they know the ins and outs of. I think it would be interesting to see if Harris' opinion on the music will change with age, as it did with me. Also, I think that if Scott values the lyrics, he will never enjoy phish as their lyrics are and always have been god awful. Maybe you should make it analyze Widespread Panic, though Harris being a phish fan probably thinks they suck. They actually do suck but at least they attempt on the lyrical side. Anyway if I was going to show someone that phish was a good band here are some songs I always did and still do at times enjoy (he may have played some of these already, I can't remember) Split Open and Melt Maze Rift Lama Dirt First Tube and Tube Big Fat Furry Creature From Mars Icculus Some songs I would just enjoy hearing Scott react to: Tela-God that song is f'ing terrible Mango Song Makisupa Policman Guyute Meatstick Note to scott: if you go to a show it's better to get loaded for sure. Just stay away from any heavy psychedelics cause being around that scene might wig you out if your not used to it. Keep it up though for sure.