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    Episode 64 — Grapes Vs. Grapefruit

    Great episode - it is absolutely killing me trying to find the specific quote Mr. Gulman referred to from (maybe) Tobias Wolff, the thing about "whatever offends us shows us what we hold sacred".
  2. futuredays

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    I love this show, this ep was even funnier than the first. But Harris, seriously. Your attempts to convince Scott to like Phish seem almost counterproductive at times. I got into Phish in high school and out of them in college, but I still remember how / why: #1 smoking weed, which leads directly into... #2 the jams I don't listen much (maybe once a year?) to Phish anymore, but I would recommend doing what you said last episode and PLAY A WHOLE JAM. The biggest Phish heads I knew would never, ever listen to the actual song. They'd skip straight to the jam, and we openly made fun of their horrific songwriting - especially lyrically. I know not everyone feels this way, but Scott clearly finds the song structures cliched and hackneyed when they follow pop formats (which they are, eg Farmhouse, Story of the Ghost). Play him the fun stuff that comes after. And it probably wouldn't hurt to drink a few heady beers before the show. Personal recc: Live Phish Vol. 17: 7/15/98, Portland Meadows, Portland, Oregon, disc 2: (specifically the california love section) 1. Roggae 2. Birds of a Feather 3. Loving Cup 4. Limb by Limb > 5. Simple > 6. Tweezer > 7. California Love > 8. Tweezer > 9. Free