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  1. Fixed it! I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/jason-zito/closer-im-scott-4
  2. ...Grampa's just putting his hand there because he thinks its your butt.
  3. jasonz

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Or, more specifically, Scott and Harris could pick a band they both hate, find an Earwolf guest who loves said band, then then co-host a show featuring that band and it's advocate. That would be glorious.
  4. jasonz

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Let me just say that I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Its definitely one of my favorites. In spite of the fact that I continue to hate, hate, hate Phish, Harris and Scott make this podcast so much fun to listen to. Keep it up, guys! Maybe more of this, with different bands/band advocates? I'd be all over it. Harris is one of my favorite Earwolf guests, and it actually causes me to enjoy listening to music I hate. Bravo.