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    Episode 173 — Ride Like Hell

    I will have to buy the album—especially if "Brown Eyes" is on it. If not, I will gladly pay you for it as a ringtone.
  2. BourgeoisDork

    Episode 173 — Ride Like Hell

    Yeah—it's stuck in my head, too. That and "Brown Eyes" is killing me.
  3. BourgeoisDork

    Episode 23 — Sentimental Lady

    I have to say I dug the bonus IFH; very funny to have the girl be traumatized by her summer as a boy as well as the madcap response of her father. Thanks!
  4. BourgeoisDork

    Episode 107 — Maybe It's Maybelline

    I live close enough to JFK, where the flights are aplenty. Thanks for helping take a sad song (airplanes passing overhead) and making it better.
  5. I heartily agree with Ted: "And the award for literary excellence via podcast goes to...Seth Morris!" Ebonic Plague had me in stitches. I also loved Great Lakes Diarrhea and Panamautism (absolute favorite).