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    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    Hey Harris - if you want to talk through your game plan before doing the opposite of turning Scott on to Phish for the third time - I'm here for you. Although I love the webcast and enjoy the humor, I had to explain to my co-worker that Harris is playing songs that a lot of Phish fans don't even listen to. Farmhouse? Really? That's a pee break. Train song? Pretzel break. Why not play a good Mike's song, like say.....Mike's Song!? Or how about when Scott says he likes that kind of bluegrass feel, to play some of Mike's that has that feel (but upbeat and good!) like Mound or Sugar Shack. Playing Character Zero to get someone to like Phish!? That's my cue to get to my car and hit the road before subjected to yet another Lovin cup encore. If I think about which songs Iliked first and play them in that order. It's probably going to look a lot more like Fee, Reba, Foam, Lawn Boy, My Friend My Friend, Cavern.... Just ask yourself - If you wrote your 2nd webcast as a setlist, would you download that show? Me neither. Scott - I apologize (again).