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  1. James Wan is taking over for Justin Lin for Fast 7. While he has mostly stuck to horror films, he did do a semi remake of Death Wish called Death Sentence that has an amazingly shot sequence in a parking garage that gives me some hope that he can live up to the insanity that Justin Lin has pumped into this franchise. I, along with Jason, am super bummed that Neveldine/Taylor didn't get the call to carry on this insanity but hopefully Wan has been looking to expand beyond horror/thrillers and will bring enough enthusiasm to 7 that it will live up to what these movies have become.
  2. garrettrt

    Episode 20.5 — HDTGM 20.5

    Take a drink every time you're forced to question why the FBI is both involved in this case and too inept to use DNA, fingerprints or blood samples to prove whether Dakota is or isn't Aubrey. It's up to your own common sense how wasted you get.