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    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    Great episode. It was nice to hear people speak about the movie who actually "get it". Its a comic book movie about a guy who murders lots of people, not the godfather. The cast and crew did an amazing job on this film with what they were given to work with. Its beautiful and violent, just the way it should be. I belong to the GPA Lexi spoke about. She is a terrific person and a great director. We all did our homework on her long before she found us. (Green St is awesome btw) I never heard the Freddie Prince jr thing before, that was interesting. Lexi did her homework when it came to making the movie, she brought the comics to life in a fun way for fans. Unfortunately people had the dark knight on the brain and anything less was just trash. I hope the commercial failure of the film doesnt stop Lexi from getting more work. I hope like the guys said that the movie ends up being a cult classic down the road. Lexi made life long fans out of our group of misfits, and our thank you's will never be enough to repay her. We miss you, stop by and say hi soon. "Free Lexi bitches"