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  1. Butt Park

    Episode 443 - This Is Your Boy Troy

    Somehow I knew that the clapping song was called "Centerfield" yet never knew it was John Fogerty. I can always count on the Scotts to teach me some music trivia. Anyway back to the ep.
  2. Butt Park

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    Quick question, what's the deal with "people on the street"? I listen to CBB at work and don't always give it my full attention, so while I remember hearing "people on the street" in a few episodes, I completely missed what it's a reference to. Sorry if it's like a really popular song or something, I'm not really plugged into pop culture. I do love Billy on the Street though, which is what I think of whenever Scott says it.
  3. Butt Park

    Episode 427 - True Russian Facts

    Well it's true Russian facts and we're going downtown...
  4. Butt Park

    Episode 426 - Schwartz & Schwarts

    Deja vu, these guys had almost the exact same conversation on their last episode. On both shows during plugs Horatio mentions his podcast, Scott asks if it's "hoorayshow.com" or "thehoorayshow.com", Ben says he did it twice, Scott says something about not being invited.
  5. Butt Park

    Episode 426 - Schwartz & Schwarts

    Gonna listen to some plugs!
  6. You say tomato, I say alfredo. Tomato, alfredo. Alfredo, tomato. Let's call the whole thing sauce.
  7. Butt Park

    Episode 420 - Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave

    Speaking of favorite songs and "I'll Melt With You", "I Wanna Melt With U" legit is my favorite Prince song (RIP).
  8. Note: it's the actual sound of throwing up, not the words "sound of throwing up". Also, this isn't part of the catchphrase.
  9. Listened to both episodes, pretty good show. Not a fan of the theme song though.
  10. Butt Park

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    That team's ok.
  11. Butt Park

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    Leesa: Me feel good now. Genius.
  12. Haven't listened to this yet, seems like a great idea, but weird choice for a live episode?
  13. I stopped the podcast 3 seconds in, at "humans, everyone knows the new sq--" and I thought it was gonna be an ad for squatty potty. I guess squarespace makes more sense.
  14. Hey it's that band that gets referenced all the time in the comments at the AV Club for some reason.
  15. Butt Park

    EPISODE 384 β€” Numbers Cannot Lie

    Am I the only one not on board with Scott's thesis that shopping for mattresses is awkward? Maybe it's just me but for me, mattress shopping is the most fun kind of shopping there is! Also the episode was good.
  16. Butt Park

    EPISODE 382 β€” Doing It The Savage Way

    When I saw the title I thought is Dan Savage on this episode? But this will probably be funnier.
  17. Butt Park

    EPISODE 204 β€” Convoy

    Crossballs is so funny. I watched every episode on youtube after Andy Daly mentioned it on the Fogelnest Files. If anyone who likes this show hasn't seen it yet, you need to watch it right now.
  18. I held off on listening to this one for a while because generally I don't love the musical guest episodes. But Ryan had some good songs. I gotta say though, from his voice I thought he was this old guy in his 60s but looking at his picture now that's clearly not the case. Anyway great episode, candy colored dreams was a hilarious scene.
  19. Butt Park

    EPISODE 358 β€” Freddie Mercury To Me

    So we know that Beck Bennett is the main villain in Balls Out (attaboy), but we never found out what number he is on the call sheet! (tsk-tsk)
  20. Butt Park

    EPISODE 357 β€” Modern Anti-Comedy

    You guys should do an episode with Adam Scott, Jeremy Konnor, and David Wain, so that it's never obvious who's talking. (I don't actually think Scott and Scott sound that similar although others have said they do. But I was sure the guy talking at the beginning was David Wain and then Scott intro'ed him as a director, which made the swerve even swervier.) In fact, not having David on this episode was a missed opportunity, considering he's also on Another Period. Also, I don't have a smart phone but I'd love a smone that's farter.
  21. Butt Park

    EPISODE 352 β€” Scrunchy Face

    When I first looked at the episode page I thought it was Billy Eichner in the pic. Then five minutes into the episode Scott is asking Nick if he is "out on the street". Coincidence?
  22. Butt Park


    Me too! I only just now read the episode description. ("don’t worry, we put an end to that after about 3 mintues.") I guess I should give it another shot.
  23. Well I got two out of three, that ain't bad.