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    Episode 64.5 — 2/24/12 TWO CHARTED

    Kulap has great taste in comics. The first trade of Kabuki has the best art I've ever seen in a comic book. Fables is really good, but I think it went off the rails during the big war, which was WAY WAY WAY WAY too short of a storyline. It was something like 3 issues, when it should have been at least 12. I stopped reading pretty quickly after that. Sandman is solid #1, though I actually prefer the spinoff, Lucifer. I'll have to check out Gail Simone. Goddamnit, this episode made me even more envious of that bastard, Hot Saucerman. In fact, I'm so envious that I'm srsly contemplating becoming a super villain and arching the aformentioned Saucerman... WHAT'S UP HOT DOG?! BEWARE! I COME FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSTY BABE! SOON, YOU'LL BE ON THE GROUND, WITH MY FOOT ON YOUR THROAT AND YOUR WOMAN WILL BE MINE!
  2. My enemies shall rue the day they laughed at me! *requires a fist shake*