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    Episode 24 — Traditions

    hey guys, @wrongwestern here. Just to set the record straight, the Xmas wrapping paper face-bomb tradition is 100% true. But it's not strictly reserved for the old and infirm. Any person of any age is vulnerable to the attack, as long as 1) they do not see it coming, 2) you can be reasonably sure the origin of your throw will go undetected by the victim, and 3) they are currently at the center of attention at the moment of impact (i.e. opening a gift, telling a story, saying a prayer, etc.) However, bonus points are awarded for "having the balls" to launch one at Mamaw or Grandad. It is totally harmless and good natured. No old people are injured during this now revered Christmas tradition. But, it's hard to convey that in 140 characters.