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  1. If memory serves correct scott and harris came to the general conclusion that in the next episode they would have to focus on phish jams, Phinaly! What makes Phish a one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever is not there song writing, both lyrically and musically, but it is there extended improvisations. (It would be a good idea to explain the ideas of type 1 and 2 jamming). If scott is ever to like phish he will need to learn to appreciate their improv. I have selected some of my favorite jams from past and present that I feel would give scott a pretty good idea of what phish is all about. Harris, I have also picked out the portions of these particular jams that I'm my opinion are the most interesting and enjoyable and so if guys choose to go with my selections you won't have to listen to the entire jam. Ghost 11.17.97 10:00-13:30 (One of the first cow funk jams that are so sinonymous with fall 97', treys playing fucking soars in this jam!! Bathtub Gin 8.13.93 9:45-12:1204 (the best 2 and half minutes phish has ever played, in my opinion. Hose Deluxe Digital Delay Loop Jam 5.7.94 (a highlight from one of the best phish sets ever very unique) 12-31-95 Auld Sang Syne-> Weekapaug Groove (I know the idea of listening to an entire jam was brought up on the last show and yes that might make for a boring podcast (not for me). If you do decide to play a jam in its entirity this is the one the go with. It may just be the best jam start to finish ever) Harris, I don't know how you feel abut the current state of phish but I'm under belief that leg 2 of this past summer tour is the best tour since 97. Because scott has already agreed to see phish, I thought it would be a good idea to include some of the best jams of the 3.0 so scott has an idea of what types of improvisation he might here at his virginal show. DWD 6.3.11 15:30-18:00 (beatiful jam!!! trey riffs on Coltrane's A Love Supreme) Rock and Roll -> Meatstick 17:00--> ( The emergence of the theramin and storage style jamming also the segue into meatstick is flawless) 9.3.11 Tweezer 7:00-11:30 ( Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Harris I would like to commend trying to convince someone to like phish, It is a daunting task and i feel your pain. Hopefully these suggestions will help. One last thing I specifically chose these jams over other possibilities because they have all been released by livephish so there are sound board recordings available. (wouldn't want to give scott any extra whining ammo with shitty audience recording now would you). Harris if you do choose to use any of my suggestions and are having trouble finding the shows in questions i am certainly capable and willing to send them to you.