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    Live HDTGM - what movie!?

    Thank you! I did some searching and found the flyer finally too. Much appreciated, should be a fun one
  2. I'm a few episodes behind on the podcast so maybe you discussed it, but I listened to 22.5 and didn't hear anything about it. Is the live episode going to be The Room or something else? I'd like to know so I can watch it first. Thanks
  3. Cixelsyd23

    Episode 61 — A Tale of Two Griffins

    Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of this show and have been since about episode 10. I even bought the signed numbered CD of Hendersons and Daughters - probably the first physical CD I've purchased in 10 years. That said, I HATED this episode. So much so that I felt compelled to register an account here to comment on it. Some of the criticism of the Sklars for sucking up to their guests is justified and some is unjustified. This episode that criticism was warranted. The Sklars reverence for Kathy Griffin was only eclipsed by her own delusional sense of self-importance. It was nauseating to hear her namedrop whoever was on her cell phone and to dismiss most of the world as 'the straights who don't know anything.' I don't know much, but isn't Kathy Griffin straight? What was worse was her destroying the rhythm of quick hits by interrupting everything Randy and Jason said with her own incoherent, self-centered blather. Why is this person famous again? This episode was unlistenable.