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  1. I think that yes, this was definitely worthy of being in an episode. I found it entertaining enough to where I didn't notice it's length. Plus it had a lot of solid, funny material that would have been fun to hear callbacks to throughout the episode.


    That said, I agree with everyone else that it is pretty cool to have "bonus" material that might showcase longer, or more out there material. I enjoyed this, thanks Besser and all the performers.

  2. I'm stuck in the Midwest and won't be able to see my favorite comedians anytime soon. That's why I love Earwolf so much, because it's free and it's probably the closest I'll get. But I was thinking how cool it would be to see Earwolf podcasts live. I've always wanted to see the Sklars rapid-fire riff, or CBB guests blend in and out of favorite characters like Chupacabra or the Cake Boss, or the chemistry between Howard and Kulap, etc. What I'm thinking of would be in the same vein as NNF, and I feel that videos, either clips or full length episodes, would be an awesome way to see how the bread is made as well as provide revenue for the site. I know that I wouldn't complain if these were priced. If people can actually see how much fun podcasts are they might start subscribing, so it might be a cool thing for fans and newcomers alike. Thanks to the new partnership with Funny or Die it's probably a lot more feasible now. I'm not asking for every episode, or even full length videos. I'm just suggesting video clips may help Earwolf recruit new fans and definitely please longtime listeners. Maybe something similar to Doug Loves Movies in that his more exciting shows or those with popular guests may have to be purchased. Or maybe an optional video episode purchase alongside the free audio release. The specifics aren't my business, but I just wanted to throw out the idea. I can't speak for anyone else but I know that I would happily pay for full episode videos, in addition to the donations and merch I'm buying.

    I'm sorry if this has been addressed before. I looked through the forums and couldn't find a similar topic. Anyways, thanks for your time and providing awesome comedy.