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  1. this is a real gem: https://youtu.be/nv3styD2VBI It starts off as basic science explainer for an invented device and then around 3-4 minutes in it goes straight into pure bonkersville. This man believes if you put a photo of yeast into his machine, he can cure your yeast infection...
  2. lgroskin

    Episode 34.5 — Minisode 34.5

    Just watched Tiptoes - 2 things: 1. This movie is best watched as though Gary Oldman is NOT dwarf at all. Instead, he is a full grown man who spends the entire movie pretending to be a dwarf. At various times, he gets himself stuck inside of couches too. Everyone is just 1 line away from saying "Rolph, seriously...just stand the fuck up." 2. Why does McConaughey insist on kissing the entirety of Beckinsale's face?
  3. lgroskin

    Deep Blue Sea

    I agree too. And it has LL Cool J rapping "Deepest Bluest- my rhymes are like a sharks fin." How could you ask for anything more?
  4. Jesus Christ. This movie is awful. The special effects are awful. The non-special effects are awful. The performances ( if you want to call them that) are awful. Jack Black is a giant man child (go figure) who gets transported to a land of tiny people to find himself and help Jason Seagal get laid. HA ! No seriously. Actually, he travels to land of tiny people to butcher a classic work of fiction . Billy Connelly appears. So does Emily Blunt. Both hand in the worst performances of their lives. And yet somebody thought they should pour $112 MILLION (no typo) into this film. Mistakes were made. You need to see this movie to understand how things could go so wrong. Please do. And then review!