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    Ugh.... hunh?
  2. I am truly sad to hear of so many ailments from fellow sufferers of Duccanosis. I think it is important to follow Bob's advise to look at these as "health opportunities" to avoid further afflictions - like Duccapression Depression. Though I have had some clearing of my rashes, I am sad to report that the following health opportunities have been contracted by yours truly: Spina Bifida Spina Bifida Occulta Spina Bifida Tannen Brent Spina Bifida Erb's Palsy Peaches N' Herb's Palsey Brad's Paisley Cottonmouth Copperhead Black Mamba #5 Black Mold illness Black Death Bubonicism Poor Aiming Bushwackers Muggers Buggerers Hornswagglers Mugs Pugs Thugs Nitwits Half-wits Dimwits Dimtits Thank you, Bob Ducca, for your helpful podcast. I hope you get better soon and we all look forward to your quick return. - Bill
  3. Willi B

    Bob Ducca... RETURNS!!!

    Thanks for this!!! Man, I miss me some Bob. I hope he decides to return to the podcast some day. I cannot forget snorting at the lists when he first did the CBB podcasts. I honestly still laugh at the lists... the character is just the best. Seth's well thought out delivery fits the character to a T. When you make other comedians lose their shit, you have something special... and I never heard Tig Notaro laugh like she did on his ailments bit.
  4. Cough Lundgren = excellent! I heard that if you don't sanitize your hands after an encounter of Cough Lundgren, you could end up with a case of Sty Stallone.
  5. It seems I have acquired more "health opportunities" since the absence of Bob. Mother's Milkworm. Roof Shingles. Wood Piles. Gomer Pyles. Floral Allergy. Loneliness induced Lethargy. Introduction to Geology II. Penile Psychosis. Vaginal Psychosis. Trick or Treat-a-nosis. Baby Bumps. Menstrual Mumps. Sugar Lumps. Lotto Fever. Hay Fever. Ho Fever. I wave my hands in the air like I just don't care. Induced Labor. Induced Seizures. Pizza Induced Palpatations. Though this is challenging to me, I was happy to find out that my Wrinkle Rash is clearing up. But I would feel dishonest if I did not mention the worsening of my Duccanosis. I hope you all are faring better with your ailments.... especially one Mr. Bob Ducca.
  6. Thank you Bob for saying those names, and by saying them, you released them. Grandmother thanks you for letting go and your well wishes for her loss. No pet loss is ever easy. Lillyflop Bunnysox was on my lap just typing on the keyboard as if she personally wanted to thank you just a second ago. Where has the crazy kitten gotten to? Lillyfloppers? Lilly... Oh. Oh, God, no!!!!!
  7. Peep Measles. Trick Knee. Chaffed Chin Disorder. Restless Arm Syndrome. Wrinkle Rash. Rug Rash. Road Rash II For Sega Genesis. Bob's Burgers. Cheeseburgers. Septupal Bypass Surgery. Stomach Staple Shits. Ducca-derived Withdrawal Syndrome. Chronic Pain Syndrome. China Syndrome. Back Brace Bruises. Easter Bunny Allergy. Pancreatic Pleurisy. Dyptheric DiscomBOBulation Disorder. And, of course, Duccanosis. Please come back, Bob. I cannot afford the medications for these ailments and I think the mobile home remedy I took yesterday has led to an ingrown intestinal infection.
  8. Dear Mr. Ducca - When you read your poem so long ago about "A Ship Called Hope", many listeners found some small bit of hope that day as well. Sometimes, we cannot afford to keep up our depression medication. Knowing that there are many other ships... so many that had individual trailers that you took to remote controlled regattas, I believe it was 19 in all, I was hoping, someday, that the poems of those other 16 boats could be read as well. We all suffer from a loss of Hope... but we suffer from so many other things as well. Perhaps a poem about a ship can help us be better people. Your friend and fellow pet loss mourner, Bill
  9. I'm hoping that if he gets Kevin Nealon on that he will refer to himself as Pot Soccermom.