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    Birdemic Podcast

    It was soooo bad, my wife was hiding under the blankets from shear embarrassment. Rod was horrible, but Natalie wasn't too bad. I watched Trespass immediately BEFORE this movie and it made me think Trespass was the highest grossing movie of all time. My 5 year old walked in halfway thru the movie and was mesmerized by it. I'm not kidding, he's watched it 4 times since. I hear that stupid music all the time!! He's even gotten a friends mom hooked on watching it on my phone's netflix app while waiting at baseball practice!!! Best line: Ramsey: Where's Becky? Rody: She's taking a shit, but Natalie's got her back. WRONG! I NEED THIS PODCAST!!
  2. Matreyu Hermano

    Birdemic Podcast

    Is the live Birdemic podcast going to be available to download and enjoy?
  3. Matreyu Hermano

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    I want the Birdemic podcast. Is that supposed to be available?
  4. Matreyu Hermano

    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    Fucking awesome! This is the first movie I've watched and waited for the podcast and I wasn't disappointed. Cannot wait for the next one! And I hope to see Ken Marino join you again.