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  1. Matreyu Hermano

    Birdemic Podcast

    Is the live Birdemic podcast going to be available to download and enjoy?
  2. Matreyu Hermano

    Birdemic Podcast

    It was soooo bad, my wife was hiding under the blankets from shear embarrassment. Rod was horrible, but Natalie wasn't too bad. I watched Trespass immediately BEFORE this movie and it made me think Trespass was the highest grossing movie of all time. My 5 year old walked in halfway thru the movie and was mesmerized by it. I'm not kidding, he's watched it 4 times since. I hear that stupid music all the time!! He's even gotten a friends mom hooked on watching it on my phone's netflix app while waiting at baseball practice!!! Best line: Ramsey: Where's Becky? Rody: She's taking a shit, but Natalie's got her back. WRONG! I NEED THIS PODCAST!!
  3. Matreyu Hermano

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    I want the Birdemic podcast. Is that supposed to be available?
  4. Matreyu Hermano

    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    Fucking awesome! This is the first movie I've watched and waited for the podcast and I wasn't disappointed. Cannot wait for the next one! And I hope to see Ken Marino join you again.